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Engaging a community in the ultimate pet party

What we achieved



Impressions across paid promotion of assets


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CPVV – a cost efficient return on investment


Engagement rate on organic Instagram content

Our paid collaboration with Bang On Style generated 8.3k Reels views and 24k Stories views.

Petsure: Pet Gala

Pet insurance brand, Petsure, offers policies for the underdog; pets with pre-existing conditions and older pets who are less likely to be eligible for a policy with other insurers.

What we did



Influencer Management

Organic Social Media

Paid Social Media

The Challenge

Create a 1st birthday celebration across paid and organic social media that showcased the brand’s ‘pets with attitude’ approach.

The Extraordinary Thinking

Move aside Met Gala – it’s time for the Pet Gala. 

We created a birthday party to remember with a group of pets that align with Petsure’s value of pets with attitude in a one-day shoot. With a focus on social-first video, content was short form and vertical to appear native within the platform and complementary to user behaviour on the platform. 

We collaborated with content creator Deborah of Bang On Style to provide an authentic voice and personalised content, which showcased the brand messaging from the POV of a pet owner.  

We also invited 17 pet influencers to join in with the celebrations, sending out a hamper for a one-pet party – with the aim to create mass reach and awareness.



We created social-first content featuring pets in party mode, including many underdogs such as rescue pets and pets with pre-existing conditions.

Organic and paid social media

We produced bespoke organic and paid content to reach key audiences with authentic brand messaging.


We provided hampers to micro and nano influencers identified as sharing Petsure’s brand value of pets with attitude. With a combined audience of 144k, the potential reach to UK pet owners was a positive awareness exercise.

“Jam is one of the most knowledgeable marketing communication agencies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their Jammers have a diverse range of experience and are always on top of the latest social media trends. The time they invest in their clients is second to none and they work tirelessly to ensure a successful project.”

Jah Brown,
Social Media Manager

Team in the park

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