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Fur-midable marketing: Jam’s expertise in the pet industry


The pet industry has been experiencing a remarkable boom in recent years, with pet ownership reaching new heights and pet-related spending skyrocketing.

The number of pets in the UK rose by 9% from 2022 to 2023, with consumers now spending a whopping £8 billion a year on their furry friends.

The most popular marketing channel for pet care brands is Facebook advertising, with companies harnessing the power of social media to sell their products. Usage of Facebook has grown as a channel by 89% from 2023 to 2024, with brands aiming to capitalise on the large consumer base on the platform. Email marketing and PPC ads are the next most popular channels used by those in the pet industry.

TikTok is also growing significantly as a platform of influence. Videos tagged with terms such as ‘#Walks’ (3m views), ‘#Doggo’ (9m views) and ‘#DogMum’ (15m views) continue to gain traction. With two thirds of new pet owners being either Gen Z or Millennials, it’s likely TikTok will only continue to grow in this space going forward.

The big brands, such as Purina, also funnel a huge chunk of their marketing budget into paid ads; in 2019, Pruina spent over $100 million alone!

It’s clear that the marketplace is competitive – but it’s also expanding rapidly, with plenty of room for growth.

As more people welcome pets into their homes, the demand for products and services has grown exponentially. At Jam, we’ve truly made our mark in this sector.

As a creative-led marketing communications agency, we’ve been unleashing our expertise across PR, social media and creative to support brands in the pet

industry. We have a knack for connecting companies to the audiences that matter to them the most, as demonstrated by our award-winning work below.

Our experience

Our experience in the pet industry is substantial and growing. We’ve successfully worked with several prominent brands including Argos Pet Insurance and Petsure, demonstrating our ability to create tailored, engaging campaigns that resonate with pet owners and enthusiasts alike.

By combining extraordinary thinking with strategic communications, we help our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace and truly move the dial for their businesses.

Argos Pet Insurance

We positioned Argos Pet Insurance as the ‘pawfect’ companion for pet lovers, achieving:

  • A 576% increase on targeted conversions
  • Over 12,000 clicks to the website
  • 7% relative growth against competitors
  • A 335% increase in Twitter/X mentions
  • PR coverage in The Sun, Country Living and Good Housekeeping

Pet insurance is an incredibly competitive marketplace. Despite this, there is little that differentiates each brand other than price points and level of cover.

We were tasked to make Argos Pet Insurance stand out from the crowd, devising a social media strategy focused on positioning the brand as the home of happy pets. The overall objective was to increase the number of leads generated for the business.

Our team’s extraordinary thinking centred around creating a micro-community of pet lovers. We understood that pet owners were akin to new parents, and this was a concept we embodied throughout all of our communications.

Our activity included:

  • Launching a ‘Pet of the Month’ competition across social channels
  • Active community management
  • Bespoke, SEO-optimised blog content
  • A paid social campaign driving both traffic and leads
  • PR activity to support our social media campaign
API Campaign

Our campaign for Argos Pet Insurance achieved the primary objective of increasing the number of leads for the brand – alongside driving impressive results for engaging fresh audiences, with 82% of the 12,400 clicks to the website being new users.

And don’t just take our word for it. The campaign won Best Use of Social Media at both the Northern Digital Awards and the CIPR PRide Awards!



Our work with Petsure was a testament to our ability to think creatively and create content that truly connects with pet owners, achieving:

  • Over 21m impressions
  • 7.3m engagements
  • An average engagement rate of 33% (versus a platform average of 2%)

Our objective was to drive discovery and engagement through a video-first approach.

Petsure’s customers are young, affluent pet owners aged between 24 and 44 whose pets may have been treated unfairly elsewhere due to pre-existing conditions. The overall strategy to reach this audience was to position Petsure as an honest, fair brand that prioritises pet wellbeing.

To execute this strategy, we focused on three key channels: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These platforms were chosen because of their popularity among the target audience and their ability to support the campaign objective.

On Facebook, we focused on seasonal content that resonated with pet owners, giving pets a voice and highlighting the importance of pet wellbeing. Additionally, we leveraged the platform’s campaign support capabilities to deliver targeted and engaging ads to its audience.

On Instagram, we focused on using case studies and vet-led education pieces to showcase the brand’s expertise and commitment to pet health. This approach helped to build trust with the target audience, which was critical in a market where pet owners are often sceptical of insurance providers.

On TikTok, we partnered with content creators to develop original video and photography content that entertained and educated the target audience. This approach helped to increase brand awareness and engagement among younger pet owners, who are increasingly turning to TikTok for entertainment and inspiration.

amelia the dog trainer

Expert educational content led by @AmeliaTheDogTrainer


A taste of our Pet Gala, which enabled us to capture high quality video content

We delivered:

  • A suite of social media assets to launch the brand with a bang
  • Thumb-stoppable video and photography utilised across social media and other channels
  • Collaborations with key influencers to amplify brand messaging, aiding community growth and creating a conversation with pet owners around key issues

We love achieving great results for our clients but we also care enormously about the relationships we build along the way.

The review below reflects the great partnership we established with Petsure.

“Jam is one of the most knowledgeable marketing communication agencies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their Jammers have a diverse range of experience and are always on top of the latest social media trends. The time they invest in their clients is second to none and they work tirelessly to ensure a successful project.”

Jah Brown, Social Media Manager, Petsure

More coming soon!

We’re currently underway with work to promote a further pet insurance brand, which will be announced in due course. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest news.


Our content team filming in Manchester city centre

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Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive leads, or launch a new product, our team of experts can craft a tailored strategy that meets your specific needs.

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