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Social Media for Financial Services Agency Manchester

Build your Financial Services with Social Media Excellence.

Social Media is the perfect tool for bridging the gap between your businesses and your customers. Through strategic social media use, your Financial Services business can demonstrate commitment to customer care and transparency, ultimately enhancing your reputation and customer loyalty.

Embrace with Confidence

In the financial industry, working out what’s possible in the social media landscape is a complex process. At Jam, we have a breadth of experience surrounding the strict regulations and compliance around rules, directives and privacy.

The benefits of engaging on social platforms are clear, and we can help you to engage with new customers and transform them into brand advocates.

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Building Trust

In the digital world that we live in, customers will rarely need (or want) to visit physical branches. This shift has reduced human interaction, presenting a risk of detachment from financial institutions.

Social Media is a great way to bridge this gap and build genuine human connections, digitally. By leveraging social platforms, financial services businesses can still build trust and humanise their brand.

Engaging Content Strategies

Creating personable and relevant content that resonates with varied demographics that fit your customer base is key. Social Media can be a great way to promote your company’s values and ethics and build a sense of community online.

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Customer Service Excellence

Social Media has quickly become an important channel for customer service in finance. For example, Customers often use social platforms to resolve issues quickly. To manage this, financial organisations must be proactive and reactive on social media. Dealing with concerns promptly and using these channels as a catalyst for community management and engagement can prevent small issues from turning into bigger problems. At Jam, we’re there for you. Every step of the way.

Compliance and Regulations

Dealing customer service issues on Social Media requires a delicate balance. At Jam, our experienced team of social media professionals in the financial sector are the perfect partner to ensure your social output is regulation-ready, removing any risk of issues and enabling a growth mindset with a customer-centric approach.

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Customer Feedback

Social Media for financial services isn’t just for engagement. It’s also a key source of customer feedback. Financial companies can use these social insights to drive product improvement and service levels.

Listening to and acting on customer feedback demonstrates that you value opinions, creating loyalty and trust. Partnering with Jam will ensure you’re working with an agency that understands your audience and communicates effectively.

Reasons to use Social Media in Financial Services

  1. Relationship building
  2. Community trust
  3. Humanising your brand
  4. Reaching new audiences
  5. Thought leadership
  6. Driving results and growth
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Our Social Media Packages;

  • Social Media Management for financial services
  • Social Media Advertising for financial services
  • Social Campaigns for financial services
  • Social Influencer Management for financial services
  • Social Media Reputation Management for financial services
  • Social Media Crisis Management for financial services
  • Strategy and Consultation for financial services
  • Content Production for financial services

Looking for Success? Partner with Jam

We are more than just a social media agency with expertise in Financial Services. At Jam, we understand the challenges and opportunities of reaching audiences on social platforms. We can help you navigate this landscape, build trust, and build lasting connections with your customers.

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