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Why paid media should form part of your digital strategy


When putting together a strategy, budget or potential brief for any agency it is worth considering how paid media could work for you and what tactics are right for your business. In a competitive online advertising space, targeted paid media campaigns are increasingly vital if you want to reach customers. From Facebook posts to display adverts, find out why you should be doing more.


How can influencers work for your brand?


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There are a few sore heads at Jam Towers today following our win at the Northern Digital Awards where we scooped Best Use of Social Media for our campaign, “The ‘Pawfect’ Companion for Pet Lovers” for Argos Pet Insurance. Using an insights-led approach, our strategic and creative campaign delivered a 578% increase on targeted conversions, bringing a phenomenal return on investment for our client.

Here’s how we did it…

The brief

Make Argos Pet Insurance (API) stand out in a crowded marketplace with an integrated digital strategy.

The objective 

Establish API as the home of happy pets online, to maintain and build an online community and generate leads.

Our research

Our initial research revealed that:

      • Many pet owners don’t see insurance as essential 
      • One in three pet insurance customers claims annually for unexpected vet bills
      • Owners value their pets just as much as family members 

These insights formed the basis of our social narrative to encourage a positive brand perception and set API apart from competitors.

Our strategy

We created a simple, four-step approach that would deliver engaging content to drive traffic to the site and give the brand a playful personality that our audience would love.

Community engagement 

We recognised that the community we served was the key to our success. As part of our strategy, we implemented:

      • A rota to ensure the community management response rate was watertight 
      • A detailed playbook to provide consistency in tone of voice, time of reply and message. 


To ensure results, we delivered the bulk of the campaign between two key periods in the industry: 

        • January and March – a key period for sorting finances
        • August to October – breeding season.


Our creative approach to content established the brand as an expert in the field and an industry influencer by:

        • Regularly sharing SEO optimised, query-based blog content for dog and cat owners, 
        • Launching a ‘Pet of the Month’ photo competition on Facebook and Twitter

Paid social

With a heavy focus on building our audience, our paid social campaign combined tactics to:

        • Drive social engagements
        • Clicks to site
        • Increase conversions

The results

We went over and above to understand our target audience and achieve fantastic results:

        • 800+ conversions (+578% of KPI)
        • Increase in Twitter mentions of 335% 
        • 12.4k clicks to site from social media 
        • The Argos Pet Insurance Facebook page grew at 7.29% relative growth against its largest competitors

If you want an award-winning social media campaign, then get in touch! Give us a call at 0161 850 0565 or send an email to hello@wearejam.agency to see how we can help and see some of our other award-winning case studies here.

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