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Back in May, we restructured to bring JAMpr and JAM Creative together as one integrated agency – Jam.

Here are all the benefits an integrated agency can offer for your business.

What is an integrated agency?

Before we launch into the reasons why your business needs an integrated agency, let’s start with how full-service agencies came about.

The term ‘integrated agency’ represents a significant change for agencies.

It used to be the norm for agencies to offer distinct, separate services. This ranged from working in specific sectors to focusing on delivering specific activity such as events, design or PR.

Because of increasing competition and technological advances, we have seen a greater focus on combined services. This is so brands can coordinate their PR and creative efforts. An additional aspect brands now have to consider is digital content, such as blogs, SEO and social media

An integrated agency offers a full range of PR, digital and creative services. This helps clients develop impactful campaigns that resonate with their target audiences.

What are the benefits of an integrated agency?  

There are many advantages for bringing together all these services into one offering, here are just a few things you’ll benefit from.


The greatest advantage of an integrated agency is services can be streamlined under one roof. With a coordinated strategy, you will benefit from greater ROI.

Greater brand visibility

No longer do you have to choose between the digital versus traditional channels. An integrated agency can handle both digital media and traditional PR as well as develop coordinated strategies for each of these channels. This can be implemented across both digital and print, gaining greater brand visibility.

Consistent tone

Having a consistent tone ensures a consumer can become familiar with a brand’s messaging as well increasing the understanding of the target market. Messaging that constantly changes in tone can cause confusion among both potential and prospective customers.

Choosing an integrated agency means that tone of voice can be consistent and maintained, ensuring that messaging is on brand.

Looking for a new integrated strategy?

An integrated agency approach offers a superior service for prospective and existing clients alike.  

Consequently, our results speak for themselves. We recently helped our client Sync prepare for the launch of Apple’s latest products. From inviting local media to demo the new iPhones, to designing window displays and social media graphics, we managed it all for them.

Our work is also award-worthy, having been nominated for 12 social media and PR awards this November, which includes our amazing campaign for TfGM to change customer behaviour on the Metrolink.

Jam designed and built a microsite to host the campaign. Here users could see a set of 10 characters depicting the annoying – and positive – behaviours commuters see every day.

The site also hosted an interactive game that when completed, showed you which character represents you. Combined with Instagram takeovers, Snapchat filters, social media content, as well as posters and branded giveaways, we ensured that Mancunians couldn’t miss the Metrolink Monsters!

If you’re looking to hire a fully integrated agency with a history of generating results, get in touch with us at hello@wearejam.agency!


Creativity and inspiration usually comes from the most unexpected places.

As a creative agency based in the heart of Manchester, we often find inspiration from the world around us.

Being a creative agency in the Northern Quarter

Getting out and about in Manchester is inspiration alone.

We’re based right in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, one of the most unique spots in the city. You can’t turn a corner without seeing a piece of artwork on a wall or a game-changing cafe or bar popping up.

There’s such a diverse mix of people, cultures, mini neighbourhoods and a very close-knit community of creatives. You only have to walk around to get creative ideas from architecture, graffiti, people, fashion and music.

Manchester – melting pot of UK creativity!

Here at Jam we are proud to be Manchester based! Manchester has given birth to some of the most inspiring artists from around the world. Ranging from L.S Lowry and his sombre depictions of the city through to the rebellious vibes exuded by the vocals of Oasis.

Creativity is not just the realm of the big name artists and musicians. Manchester has given rise to more local influencers such as Kelzo, a legendary graffiti artist. He may be nationally renowned, but the artist’s roots are local and his work can be found all over Manchester.

The Bees

Previously our client The Printworks took part in the Bee in the City Project. They commissioned illustrator and graphic designer Justin Eagleton to create an incredible piece of art, and the result was outstanding. The public installation, aptly named the Hac-BEE-enda, was lovingly designed to pay tribute to the infamous Hacienda club.


The design features the classic acid house smiley, giving a nod to the days of the Hacienda. The Hac-BEE-enda also features an iconic yellow-and-black striped hazard design, synonymous with FAC51 and the city’s unruly music scene. The Mancunian response to the standout bee was fantastic and it was the second-most popular bee in the entire region!

There’s set to be an auction soon and the Hac-BEE-enda will be going on sale, with all profits from the auction being invested back into the city. As a result, community projects will benefit from this fantastic project.

We couldn’t help but be inspired when we saw the Hac-BEE-enda and other bees around the city.

As a creative agency, walking to work through such vibrant culture inspires our work and determination to stand out.

If you’re looking for a creative agency overflowing with ideas, get in touch! Contact hello@wearejam.agency to get your next campaign up and running.

finding a pr agency


So, you’re ready to launch your next big campaign. Budgets are in place, the message you want to share with the world is clear. Now you need the perfect PR agency to get it off the ground. (more…)
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Are you wondering what public relations campaign we’ve been working on this week? (Hint: there’s more than one!). Here are all the hip-hop-happenings for the last week at Jam! (more…)

brand awareness


This week, we’ve been generating plenty of brand awareness with the student population as our client Sync took to the streets of Manchester to have some fun!

Sync student event

Last week, our client Sync set up a stall at the Manchester Student Social event on Market Street to promote its store. The stall featured a fun, interactive game where people had to guide a robot through a maze via an iPad. It was definitely harder than it looked!

Not only was there an Instagram selfie frame promoting Sync and the shop’s offers, students were being treated to 20 percent off the latest gadgets and 10 percent off repairs, including battery replacement and fixing broken screens.

Importance of connecting with students

Manchester is home to around 100,000 students. Most of these are likely to own an iPhone, iPad or Mac – or all three! Given that Sync is based in the middle of Manchester, it was crucial to ensure they make the effort to connect with their student audience.

This is why we suggested an interactive game, to engage with people as much as possible. Offering deals on phone repairs also made sense given that some students are likely to have an alcohol-induced phone-smashing incident at some point!

Importance of generating brand awareness

Brand awareness is a powerful force – if you don’t have brand awareness, you won’t have brand recognition. The more people become aware of your brand’s presence, mission, and values, the more you can gain their trust.

More recently, brands have been turning to experiential marketing in a bid to forge direct connections with consumers. This kind of face-to-face interaction results in more compelling brand engagement, which is why we chose to help Sync with a stall at the MCR Student Social as an effective way to generate brand engagement and awareness.

Bear in mind though, brand awareness is not always something you can specifically measure. It’s there to build a platform for later, more measurable activity. Although with channels such as Instagram and Twitter, the lines are crossing and measurability is increasingly possible.  

If you need an integrated agency to help your business generate brand awareness, get in touch with us at hello@wearejam.agency.

PR September


It’s been a hectic month in the Jam office with a series of client wins. We’ve got several exciting new PR projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to get stuck into. It’s about time that we introduced a new monthly roundup blog to fill you in on all things Jam. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Here’s what September looked like.


PR jobs at jam


It’s International Week of Happiness at Work! If you’re not so happy in your current job, why not consider becoming a Jammer? We have a few new PR jobs thanks to a number of new client wins. And we have Frenchie Maurice in the office so everyday is a happy one at Jam!


digital agency iphone xs


On Friday, our client Sync was one of the few stores in Manchester to have the iPhone Xs in stock, meaning the Jammers were able to have an exclusive play around with the highly sought after devices! (more…)
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It’s been a busy week at Jam HQ with a whole host of new business meetings and plenty of exciting integrated projects underway for existing clients. (more…)

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