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Not everyone who searches is directionless. However, without a well-crafted travel SEO strategy, your website might find itself wandering aimlessly through the vast wilderness of search engine results pages. Our specialist team will promote, provide value, and enhance brand reputation and visibility, leading your traffic and bookings to take off!

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We can’t deny it- the world has transformed. As technology advances and we all adapt to new ways of planning our holidays, our expectations and online behaviours have shifted as well. This is especially true in the competitive SEO space in the travel sector, where travel brands are constantly updating their strategies to match customer demands. Search engines are crucial to the holiday booking process, meaning your brand must be part of the consumer’s online journey; a journey that is complex and often convoluted.

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The Role of SEO in Travel Marketing

SEO in the travel industry serves to promote, provide value, and enhance brand reputation and visibility. As the consumer journey varies, so do their paths to conversion. SEO can help your travel brand be seen at different touchpoints and stages, helping to boost brand awareness, develop lead nurturing, and the ultimate goal; conversions and revenue.


To identify user search intent, our specialist team of SEO travel experts understand the various stages of the decision-making process, known as ‘micro-moments’ by Google. These refer to the moments when people use search engines to answer a query, discover something new, or book a holiday. Each of these moments are crucial, as they shape opinions and drive decisions.

At Jam, we build strategies for travel brands that target each stage of this micro-moment, user-led process. We focus on brand awareness, lead nurturing, and conversion. But we don’t stop there. Fostering customer loyalty is often overlooked by SEO agencies, but after all the relationship with the customer shouldn’t end when the holiday does.

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Research Moments (top funnel)

At the beginning of the user journey, customers are unlikely to have a preference for a particular travel brand. They are exploring destinations and ideas, on the lookout for inspiration. During this research phase, which may last for several weeks, customers know they want to book a holiday, but they don’t know where to, or with which provider. At Jam, our travel SEO strategies focus on broader keywords at this stage of the user journey. For example; ‘best winter sun destinations,’ or ‘best hotels in Portugal for children.’

Planning Moments (mid-funnel)

This stage always includes planning, which is often detailed. During this process, we expect your potential customers to narrow down their destination choices, look at reviews and pricing as key components. This is where we come in to generate lead nurturing campaigns through SEO, using curated and optimised content for local searches, such as ‘best places to surf in Spain or ‘things to see in Milan in Winter’. The intent is to be visible and authoritative in these search moments, building trust and sharing information to support users through this tricky stage of their journey.

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Conversion Moments (bottom funnel)

At this stage, the customer has chosen where they want to go and conducted plenty of research. They are ready to book. At Jam, we don’t consider this job done. Bringing in our creative team, backed by a data-led approach, we’ll make sure your travel website is optimised for conversion, meaning when the right customer visits the right page at the right time, the chances of generating revenue are far greater.

Post-Conversion Moments

And it still doesn’t stop there. Just because you’ve now converted a researcher into a customer, you can still provide added-value. SEO content focused on attractions tours, car hire, restaurants etc, ensures you remain connected with your customer, building further authority,brand reputation and an opportunity for ancillary sales.

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Our approach to SEO for Travel

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Keyword research for travel

Keyword research is key to a successful SEO strategy for travel. Researching and selecting the keywords that are relevant is not a one-off job. As user behaviour and industry trends evolve, so do the keywords that are crucial to remain relevant.

User Intent

To enable users to make a decision, understanding their search intent and at different stages of their journey is pivotal. At Jam, we will tailor your content to ensure the key information is there, building trust and authority alongside keeping those pesky Google bots happy!

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On Page Optimisation

Each and every page of your travel website must be optimised for the best UX (user experience). Enhancing content with important keywords also increases the chances of pages ranking.

Outreach for Travel Companies

Building links is crucial for all SEO campaigns. Reputable backlinks drive rankings, traffic and visibility.

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Key Differences of SEO for Travel Brands

  1. Seasonality: Building strategies that factor in seasonal trends in travel will help you make better decisions about updating content on your website. When run in parallel with SEO, you can ensure visibility at the right times
  2. Reviews: Authoritative reviews may have a significant influence on search engine rankings and conversions. At Jam, we can work with you to build a credible and scalable set of reviews
  3. Market fluctuations:: The travel industry is dynamic, and keeping relevant requires awareness of upcoming trends. At Jam, we’re adept in adapting to these changes and repositioning your strategy as and when required.

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