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Whether you are a travel agency, holiday park, hotel chain, or tour operator, our Jammers have the expertise to help you establish a share of voice in the highly competitive paid search space. Our tailored strategies are designed to meet the needs of each type of business within the travel industry.

Grow your travel business with Jam

At Jam, we have years of combined experience and expertise in the travel marketing sector. Whether you’re a travel agency, holiday park, hotelier or tour operator, we can establish a share of voice in the competitive paid search space.

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Why Choose Our Travel PPC Agency?

Our team of experienced PPC travel experts have a track record of building effective paid search strategies, with ROAS at the heart of everything we do. Our paid search travel experts have a deep industry knowledge and a clear understanding of what makes an effective travel marketing strategy. This has helped us to propel our clients in the travel sector to new heights.

At Jam, we understand the complexities of the travel sector and appreciate that a one size fits all approach won’t deliver. Our bespoke and immersive approach to each travel brand is what sets us apart from our competitors. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each travel business, using data-driven decisions to target the right audience at the optimal time and in the most impactful way. By maintaining close collaboration with our clients throughout campaign cycles, we’re able to be nimble enough to quickly react and respond to business,industry and market changes. As well as this, our comprehensive suite of data-led reporting enables us to react in real time and provide interpretation and clarity to support our agile paid search strategies.

Our Paid Search Services

Data-Driven Strategy

As you would expect, it all starts with data, but we take this to a whole new level. Our data led service includes analysing booking patterns, seasonality, destination popularity, and profitability. This crucial and ongoing analytical work enables us to target the right audience effectively. Alongside this, our data-led reversed engineered approach enables us to build a clear view on ROAS, meaning we can scale up media spend with a direct understanding of how your investment will drive the appropriate return.

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Travel PPC Strategy

Our PPC strategists develop robust paid search strategies, understanding the complex path to booking in the travel industry. We recommend suitable paid channels to inspire and convert your customers effectively.

Search Advertising

At Jam, we’re a lot more than Paid Search experts. Our creative team of copywriters will be on hand to write compelling ad copy to work alongside strategic bidding, and competitor insights to ensure your ads reach the right travellers at the right time.

Utilising Google Ads and Microsoft Search Ads, along with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), we drive targeted traffic to your site and maximise ROAS.

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Display Advertising

The booking journey often doesn’t start with search. Increasing brand awareness and driving booking intent with our targeted display ads is an important step in the process. By placing your brand in contexts where travellers seek inspiration and options, we enhance your visibility and engagement. Through our measured and data-driven reporting, we attribute each and every eyeball to make sure our campaigns are optimised. Our attribution modelling capabilities are second to none and this allows us the agility to progressively enhance campaign strategy and management, throughout the year and in particular periods of seasonality that we know are critical to the overall success of your travel business.

Google Ad Scripts

Here at Jam, we love nothing more than some technical integration to bolster campaign performance. By optimising your campaigns with advanced Google Ad Scripts, we’re able to respond to factors like time of day, weather conditions, and exchange rates, giving you a competitive edge.

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Our robust tracking and remarketing strategies enable our clients to re-engage with previous customers and website visitors, boosting your online conversion efficiency across search, social media, and display advertising.

Consultancy, Audits, and Training

Your Paid Search agency should be your partner, not just your outsourced help. At Jam, we firmly believe that the relationships we build with clients are what set us apart. As well as building, managing and maintaining your paid search accounts, we provide training sessions, comprehensive account audits, and consultancy services to share our PPC expertise, helping our clients improve their future travel marketing campaigns.

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