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How to make your press release stand out with visual storytelling


In today’s media environment, you cannot simply rely on the written word of a press release to highlight why your story should be covered. Press releases need to be both visually and digitally engaging if you want to attract the attention of busy journalists. 

We humans tend to be driven by eye-catching aesthetics, as opposed to long paragraphs of text. That’s why we have some quick tips for making your press release stand out with the power of visual storytelling.

Open with a bold main image

You know that famous saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, when it comes to press release writing, don’t undervalue this! Your press release should open with an eye-catching featured image that invites the journalist in.

You may think that the headline of your press release is the focal selling point of your story; but in fact the main image of your piece has just enough power to make or break your copy.

Therefore, when it comes to selecting your featured image, you have to make sure that you get things right. First of all, ensure that the image you have selected is of a high quality standard.

A journalist is not going to be interested in a pixelated blurry image. Not to mention, they’re going to be way too busy to chase you for a better one.

It is also so important to ensure that you have the rights to your featured image. If a professional photographer has taken the photo, then make sure you get their permission to use the photo and make the necessary credits. The best practice however is to use an original photo, or a royalty-free image.

Plaster your copy with accompanying images

Don’t just stop at the featured image, make sure that you continue to use pictures throughout your press release to visually accompany your written word. For example, put faces to names with a headshot and share pictures of the business or brand mentioned in the copy. Doing this will be of great help to the journalist who is on the lookout for any visual material to take your story further.

As well as this, it is important to know that having visually enhanced copy will make your press release easier to read for the journalist. After all, they have a stack of hundreds of releases and yours needs to stand out in an instant.


Another clever trick to make your press release stand out is to use further digital tools to enhance your copy. We recommend using infographics, particularly if your press release contains complex statistical information that has the power to leave the journalist, and therefore the readers, confused.

There are many different kinds of infographics: informational, statistical, timeline, geographic and comparisonal. In relation to viral marketing, they are also highly shareable, just because they are a fun and original way of illustrating information.


As Hubspot reports, the demand for video content is well and truly increasing.

Therefore, why not mix it up a bit and include a short but snappy video with your press release? The video will depend on the subject of the story, but for instance, if your story is about a product launch, then you could include a demo video in your release.

Journalists themselves know that a copy with video is going to boost social media shareability and on-site SEO, so it is guaranteed that they will appreciate any video content that comes with your press release!

Social media

A final way that you can digitally enhance your press release is by using social media embeds. Specifically, you can use tweets from users to add comments from the general public your copy. This will highlight the fact that online audiences are already talking about your story. As a result, the journalist is more likely to run the story with clear public interest.

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