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Soggy bottoms, Hollywood handshakes and trendsetting


This week marks EBay’s 21st birthday, a huge feat for an organisations whose first sale was a Scorpions CD back in 1995. But, a lot has changed in the last 21 years not only on the marketplace but also in UK consumers’ purchasing behaviour.

It’s not just TV influencing our purchasing behaviour but also what we’re talking about on social media. Mary Berry’s floral jacket caused a storm on Twitter leading the jacket to sell out in a mere six days[1]. Not to discount the outrage viewers felt when Bake Off’s KitchenAid mixer was replaced by the cheaper Kenwood KMix[2].

Bake Off raises cake-baking profits

The UK is a nation of Bake Off lovers with 11.2 million viewers tuning in to the 2016 first episode; even the Jammers can’t resist a chance to see a Hollywood handshake. But, television has a tremendous impact on Brits’ purchasing behaviour. In 2015 the sales of baking trays rose 881per cent during the course of Bake Off appearing on our screens[3]. Additionally, EBay searches for baking products saw an increase of 67per cent during the programme being live on television[4]. It’s safe to say it’s not only the viewers who wait for Bake Off to come back on our screens year after year. 

Summer of sport sends Brits to Lycra

It’s not just Bake Off that has Brits in a purchasing spin, 2016 has been donned the Summer of Sport and we can hardly disagree with British success in Wimbledon, The Olympics and The Paralympics. The regular appearance of athletes on our screens has caused a sharp rise in the number of Rio related sports gear purchases being made across the UK with profit in sporting stores on the rise[5]. Also, Brits were keen to grab a pair of light-up shoes featured in the Rio Olympics closing ceremony with the manufacturing company having an influx of enquires of where and how consumers could buy a pair.

What does this mean for PR though?

So, what does this mean for PR pros? Well after all it is our job to send people to our clients’ products. At JAM we’re keen to keep up with the latest TV news and in turn see how these can transfer to our clients – but as always relevance is key. However, social media is key to joining the conversation and showing that our clients and us have a genuine interest in popular culture – #WhenIDidALeicester anyone? – This in turn sends more potential customers to our clients’ services.

Our verdict: carry on getting involved in your favourite TV shows and if this is inspiring you to get into something new or make a new purchase then who are we to judge?



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