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Sleigh bells ring, PRs, are you listening?


For the vast majority of people, uttering the ‘C’ word any earlier than November is considered an act of social indecency. Christmas.

There is considerable debate over appropriate etiquette when it comes to commencing Christmas cheer, but as PRs working with journalists so far ahead in advance, the chance to put off tinsel talk until November would be a fine thing.

Selfridges sparked outrage last month, with an in-store winter wonderland assault on the senses of its Central London customers, a grand total of 143 days ahead of the big day.

While you’d expect such premature Yule-tidings to send shoppers in to a morose mourning of the death of summer, it actually seems they don’t mind. According to data from Shoppercentric, a third of Brits admit to starting their Christmas shopping in September, with this figure increasing to 37 per cent for those aged between 18 and 34.

In the same data released, a quarter of Christmas shoppers said they were influenced by what they read in newspapers and magazines, so the role of PR is evidently crucial to the power of persuasion.

For food trade magazines, we have been focusing on our client, EHL Ingredients’ special festive blends since early June, to ensure they are at the forefront of readers’ minds, well in advance of the Christmas period.

Similarly, we have already been securing coverage for Carl Kammerling International’s Winter Wonderland promotion to professional trade titles, which launched in June.

Ever-important in the PR calendar, Christmas spells party season, and corporate bookings for Christmas party venues start their planning in the summer. Just last week, our client, The Printworks, held a Christmas showcase in Bavarian themed bar Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, to entice potential party-goers to the venue for the festive period.

As such, we at JAM embrace the early onset of Christmas. While we’re certainly not adding Jingle Bell Rock to our Friday playlist just yet, it’s always important to be forward-thinking in our planning, and we encourage brands not to shy away from the huge potential that lies in this fabulous time of year.

If you are looking for PR support for your brand or launching a new product in time for Christmas, drop us a line and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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