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How to make your Linkedin profile shine



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Many of us use LinkedIn to connect with influential people in our industries and to make contacts, especially when looking for a new job or change in career direction. According to LinkedIn, 93% of recruiters use it to source candidates and yet, incredibly, only 50% of users have a 100% complete profile.

A tip-top LinkedIn profile can do wonders for a career; here are our essential tips in boosting your profile:

Picture perfect

LinkedIn profiles that lack photos will damage your chances of being taken seriously. In fact, you’re 14 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you have a profile photo.

A professional picture is crucial so it’s worth spending the time getting this right.  You don’t need to fork out for a professional photographer though, a selfie from your smartphone works if you follow these tips:

– Wear something professional
– Ensure there’s a clear background/no clutter
– Natural light is always best
– Always look up at the camera…never down! (chins!)
– Avoid silly selfie faces. It’s not the place for duckface pouts! Keep it natural and friendly.

Killer keywords

As the only nugget of information that is visible at first glance, your headline needs to stand out to persuade people to view your profile.
Employers search for keywords when researching and recruiting, so a headline rich in keywords will pop up in searches more often. Make sure that your headline contains your job title or what you are looking for in the 120-character limit.

Savvy summaries

This is your opportunity to tell future employers what they need to know!

Always write in the first person, tell your story and make it compelling. Your summary should:

– Chronicle your career history
– Feature your current position
– Say what opportunities you are looking for
– Mention your achievements
– Highlight your attributes

Personal yet professional

Inject some life and personality into your profile. Although it’s a professional social media platform, you can still be personal and creative!

Avoid using professional jargon, be conversational and welcoming.

Call to action

Be bold and open about looking for opportunities. Always provide interested employers with contact details (that are easy to spot), such as your email address and any personal blogs/web URLs.
If you write a blog, including a link on your LinkedIn page will increase traffic and attract employers to visit your profile.

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