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How the iPhone Xs can make a digital agency more efficient


On Friday, our client Sync was one of the few stores in Manchester to have the iPhone Xs in stock, meaning the Jammers were able to have an exclusive play around with the highly sought after devices!

The device

The 5.1 inch Retina OLED screen is flawless, offering a crisp display that provides lifelike photos. It also makes agency life much easier as Google docs, PDFs and email displays are all enhanced! Plus, the new processor – the A12 Bionic chip – is a next-generation engine and increases efficiency of the device as a whole, giving more battery life even with a lower capacity than the iPhone X. Ideal for those long days going from meeting to meeting or running around like a loon at client events!

Fingerprints are also a thing of the past with the iPhone Xs, with Face ID allowing you to unlock your phone with a glance. You can now offer alternative faces, in case you want to grow a beard, wear a hat or even  add another person. This would be great for a shared office iPhone as you can add multiple people!

The camera

One of the most exciting aspects to us is the 12MP dual camera on the rear of the iPhone Xs and the front-facing 7MP TrueDepth camera. It would take a digital agency to the next level for social media photos. The cameras offer something no iPhone has before with depth editing after you have taken your photo. This is bound to up our Insta-game with Portrait Lighting to remove the words ‘bad angle’ from our vocabulary.

Who wouldn’t benefit from a faster device that can display things exactly as they’re meant to be seen? It’ll help us on the go, at home or just in the office in many ways, and we really don’t want to give this stock back…..

If you’re looking for a digital agency that can do it all, get in touch! Contact or call the office on 0161 850 0565.


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