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Girl Power!


This Sunday is International Women’s Day and something tells us this year is going to be a pretty big deal, given all the positive media attention around equal rights for women lately.

Always (feminine product brand) reclaimed the derogatory term, “like a girl” to empower women and prove how strong and brilliant they are. Check out the campaign video and we dare you not to wholeheartedly give it a thumbs up:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll remember that glorious speech Emma Watson gave at the UN, launching the #HeForShe campaign. This felt like a big game changer in the feminist movement, and no doubt International Women’s Day will be an ideal time to cast a little throwback spotlight on this. We’ll be keeping an eye on Emma’s Instagram to see if she gives the day a shout out.

We mentioned this briefly in our last post, but Reece Witherspoon took charge of Oscar red carpet conversation, challenging journalists to look beyond her glittery appearance and give some airtime to the more important issues in the world, namely gender equality.

Breaking Through
To mark the day, Manchester City Council has announced a full line-up of events under the theme ‘Breaking Through’. From feminist talks to meditation sessions, more than 22 events are taking place, so be sure to pay homage to the historic affinity Manchester has with women’s suffrage, and get involved

Of course, the original founder of the suffragette movement and Girl Power epitomised, Emmeline Pankhurst was from Manchester and our city continues to produce some of the most inspiring and admirable women across many industries, including PR, creative, communications and marketing.


Although the ‘f’ word has definitely made progress in the last few years, and referring to yourself as a feminist no longer implies that you have hairy armpits and an aversion to supportive underwear, there is certainly still a long way to go before we are all freely comfortable fighting for women’s rights.

And since we are talking about banning prejudice towards women, why not give a shout out to all other areas too? To leave you with some warm fuzzy feelings on a Friday, check out this brilliant ad by anti-prejudice campaigners, Diversity & Inclusion called Love Has No Labels. We can’t stop watching it….



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