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The Jammers’ 2024 Marketing Predictions


2023 was a Jam-packed year! Heinz partnered with Absolut Vodka, Barbenheimer was a worldwide marketing phenomenon, making over $2 billion in the box office and sadly our blue french bulldog Maurice passed away after nine happy years by our side.

There is no sign of things slowing down in the weird and wonderful world of marketing. So, here’s our take on what 2024 will have in store for us…

AI to Transform Public Relations

It has been no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has been revolutionary in the world of PR this past year, but while AI can certainly provide support, there is no replacing the skills of a PR practitioner.

However, with technology improving year-on-year, implementing AI into PR strategies becomes not just a trend but a necessity to stay ahead of the curve. AI enhances the capabilities of PR practitioners, automating routine tasks, providing valuable insights and freeing up time for more creative thinking.

As AI continues to evolve, it empowers PR professionals to focus on high-level strategic thinking, creativity, and relationship-building, areas where human expertise truly shines.

Don’t be left behind

Current research reveals that 40% of tasks performed by PR agencies are supported by AI. Here at Jam, we frequently use multiple AI softwares to support larger admin-based tasks, such as proof reading and data analysis to allow our team time to deliver more extraordinary thinking.

To stay competitive in this rapidly advancing landscape, embracing AI is not just a suggestion but a vital step forward.

By looking at the processes of how they work, agencies can easily implement AI within that structure to better streamline operations.

What to expect in the future

From copilot to autopilot – AI is expected to take on a more significant role in PR, moving from a supporting role to an autonomous one, handling tasks such as content generation, data analysis, and more.

Data insights – AI-powered analytics will enable agencies to automatically dissect vast volumes of data, uncovering valuable insights that make up the basis for creative campaigns.

Expanding campaigns to international audiences – The days of broken translations will be in the past, with AI-powered translation services, agencies will be able to easily and accurately expand to international audiences in their native tongue.

Stripping back on Social Media

The power of social media has allowed brands to reach a wider audience and create an easy two way communication with their clientele. It has not only allowed for greater reach but with classic examples like Aldi and Ryanair, social media has been a testing ground for brands to really play on their tone of voice with the audience.

In short, to stay relevant you need to be on social media. But with 2023 seeing the continued rise of TikTok and the emergence of Threads to battle X (formally Twitter), consumers now have too many platforms to choose from, causing a large strain on businesses.

The Big Issue

As of October the number of social media users reached 4.85 billion people globally. What’s more this number is expected to reach approximately 5.85 billion people by 2027.

But the big issue for brands trying to target this immense audience isn’t tied to a single platform; the average user now spreads their digital footprint across six to seven platforms every month.

For the average brand, keeping up with content, community management and engagement across so many networks leads many to fear that they’re spreading resources too thin.

Worse still, with such a wide selection of social media platforms, fighting for engagement is becoming harder year on year. Current statistics show that only 0.07% of a Facebook pages’ followers engage with a post.

2024 will see brands step back, identify their audience and rethink their social media strategy.

Prioritising the best platforms

To manage workload and deliver the most successful campaigns in 2024, brands will need to scale back and prioritise the best platforms for their specific audience and goals. At Jam, our advice would be to focus your efforts on social platforms which will have the most impact, prioritising 2-3 at most.

For B2B brands this may involve a shift away from newer social media platforms that have a younger audience, like TikTok, and focusing on traditional platforms with business-focused audiences such as LinkedIn.

This trend of scaling back is already in full effect, with reports showing a 7% drop in brand use on X/Twitter in recent weeks. By prioritising the best platforms, brands can ensure that they are making the most of their social media efforts in 2024 and beyond.

Combining the Past and Future of Design

A revival of 00s aesthetics, departing from minimalism and the ever-improving integration of AI. 2024 will set the stage for an exciting journey where design continues to look to the past for nostalgic inspiration whilst moving forward with cutting-edge technology, defining a new era of creativity.

Moving Forward with Nostalgia

In 2024, Jams’ creative team predicts a nostalgic revival of 00s aesthetics. Departing from the era of minimalism, the design landscape is poised to embrace vibrant colour pallets and psychedelic elements.

A shift towards surrealism mirroring the Y2K era will also take centre stage, with branding and typography adopting dreamlike elements, pushing the boundaries of convention. The influence of nostalgic music genres and Y2K fashion resonates in design choices, blending vintage elements with modern technology.

This anticipated shift responds to a collective yearning for personality in creative work and a comforting familiarity of the past.

Early adoption of these techniques will be seen by large players within music, fashion and tech but as we move into 2024, we expect to see small and medium sized businesses integrate these types of design into their work.

So watch this space and keep your eyes peeled…

The Rise of AI and Digital Activations

The continued rise of AI and digital activations, will become more prevalent in shaping the way brands engage with their audiences and create visual experiences in 2024.

Key predictions include the evolution of AI in 3D visual style, where AI is expected to create abstract renders for brands across multiple outputs.

Additionally, there will be an increased use of digital activations, with medium and small brands utilising these techniques in their social media content, following the lead of bigger brands and film studios.

These trends are set to have a profound impact on the design and marketing landscape, offering new and innovative ways for brands to connect with their audiences and create engaging visual content

2024 will be an exciting year for the world of design, with technological advancements and companies seeking to add a personal touch back into their branding. As businesses strive for more meaningful connections, the design landscape is poised for a dynamic blend of innovation and authentic storytelling.

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