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digital dangers


This week, we organised a networking breakfast hosted by our client Sync on protecting a business in the digital world. (more…)
Briefing a PR agency


Are you looking to hire a PR agency for your next campaign but unsure on the best effective brief to give to an agency? Here are our top tips for the best way to brief a PR agency!


full service agency


As the month comes to an end, we’re reflecting on a busy October for our full service agency here at Jam Towers. (more…)

Weekly round up


It was non-stop for our integrated agency last week! Here’s just a selection of what we’ve been up to recently.


AgeUK creative team


As usual, Jam Towers has been very busy this week with plenty of projects going on. Here’s what the creative agency side of Jam has been up to. (more…)
12 years pr agency jam


With just a mobile phone, a laptop and a kitchen table, right next to a heavily utilised kettle, our founder and Managing Director, Jaime Gee bagged her first client as a one-person PR agency. 12 years on a lot has changed – the kettle is still never too far away though! (more…)
social media audience


Growing a social media audience that is there to add value to your brand is no easy feat and it takes a strong strategy with lots of planning to pull off. Here’s what you need to know. (more…)
Benefits of PR


Are you a business looking to grow and get your name out there, but not sure how? Now’s the time to hire a PR agency! There are many benefits of PR which can help a business achieve its goals. (more…)

social media tools


As a fully integrated agency, social media is just one of the many services we deliver. We pride ourselves on delivering quality content, so making sure we have the best social media tools at our disposal is a must. (more…)

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