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Why your brand should implement a tracking pixel


If you’re spending ages trawling through tonnes of data to tweak your social media audiences, you’re wasting valuable time. Here’s why a tracking pixel is a must-have for any site.

You’ll get to know your audience

It’s very likely that you think you know your audience, but if you want to know more than ‘male aged 18-24’, you’ll need a pixel.
You can track user journeys, from where they start all the way through to where they leave. The pixel also picks up the interests and habits of users, which you can use to tweak your communications, web copy and user experience.

It’s safe

There are many concerns from users about how their personal data is used. A Google Analytics tracking pixel is GDPR compliant, meaning that IP addresses are not tracked.

We can still collect extremely useful data to enhance the user experience without taking details of individuals.

You’ll retain more users

If you’re running paid Facebook campaigns, a tracking pixel is a must. Social media is a huge driver of e-commerce and without it, many new brands fail.

A Facebook pixel will not only follow the users that click on your ads to the site. It will make sure your future ads retarget them to get them back on the site. User retention is important when growing a customer base, and a pixel will assist in doing this the easy way.

You’ll save money in the long term

If your e-commerce website is telling you that 1,000 people bought red shoes and four people bought blue shoes, what would you put your budget behind?

Brands are wasting money as they’re not utilising the readily available data to know what their audience is responding to. However, a tracking pixel enables you to crunch that type of data and make the most cost-effective choices for your business.

How to get the most out of your tracking pixel

Tracking pixel reports should form part of your content strategy. We use the data gathered by the pixels we have in place to deliver key messaging to the correct audiences.

From tracking links in your social media content, to messaging geared at a specific audience, we use the data at hand to get under the skin of users.

Don’t think adding some code to your website will make a difference? Try it – the impact will be huge for your audience and your brand.

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