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The 7 Best Ways to up your social photography game


It’s difficult to believe that photography used to be so complicated it took scientists to understand it. Nowaways, we all walk around with cameras in our pockets and can be a casual photographer… 

For the last 19 years, we have been able to whip out our camera phones to capture everything from the sunset at our favourite look-out point to a shopping list. Here are our top tips for taking Instagram-worthy camera phone photos.

1. Enable the grid

Improving the composition of your photo can be made easier when you establish the “rule of thirds”. By enabling the grid filter you separate your camera screen into nine equally divided sections that don’t affect your end result. By putting your focal point in one of the cornering crosshairs you are creating more tension, energy, and interest in the composition of your photo.

2. Find good lighting

The quality of lighting is going to determine the success of your photo. By relying on the flash of your camera you are risking overexposure in your photos. Plus the flash slows down your shutter speed allowing for a less crisp photo. Using natural light when possible and playing around with the exposure of your photos may open you to a level of quality you didn’t know possible.

Tip: Select auto-flash in your camera app so your phone determines when the flash is necessary and you’re never compromising the quality of lighting.

3. Use bursts

Trying to document something important and afraid you won’t get the shot? Hold your thumb down on the shutter button to take multiple photos at once. Your phone will automatically choose the best photo from the burst but by clicking “select” on the burst mode stack you can decide which photos are worth keeping.

4. Turn on auto HDR

High Dynamic Range imaging or HDR takes three photos at different exposures and puts them together highlighting the best parts of each image. This allows your phone to take photos closer to what your eye actually sees rather than what the camera initially picks up.

Most importantly, there’s no extra work for you. When HDR is turned on, your offers you the original option and the HDR option for you to choose from when you take a photo normally.

Tip: You can choose to have HDR always on, always off, or automated to create High Dynamic Range photos only when applicable which is our preferred choice!

5. Use hardware to take your photos

Find yourself taking a photo at an awkward angle and struggling to hit the shutter button? Fret not because you can take photos by clicking the volume button as well. On iPhones this is automated and if you’re wearing Apple EarPods this applies to that volume button and you can even take photos using your Apple Watch. For Android users, you can change your settings so the volume button can be used to take photos or as a way to zoom in on an image or record video.

6. Recover deleted photos

If you’ve accidentally deleted the photo that was “the one”, your Instagram doesn’t have to suffer. For Apple users, 30 days after any photo has been deleted, you can retrieve it. On Android phones using the Google Photos app, you have 60 days to recover any deleted photos.

7. Get a photo editing app

Even the best photographers edit their photos. Give yours a little extra love to look their best with an editing app. With mobile-apps like VSCO, you can choose from presets or edit your photo manually to create the image you truly envisioned.

This is a great and simple way to keep your Instagram grid cohesive and on theme with minimal effort. Applying the same filter or formula of filters to your photos takes away all the headache of regimented shoots. Not only that, it helps you appear more authentic.

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