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Do I need a PR degree to work in PR?


There’s nothing else like a job in public relations – although we are probably a bit biased!

It can be hard work and challenging, but it gives us tremendous amounts of job satisfaction when we deliver solid results for our clients.

Because it’s an exhilarating yet rewarding profession, jobs are in high demand. So, if you have decided on a career in public relations, you’re probably wondering what the the best way in is? And not having a degree in PR isn’t a dealbreaker.

Here’s the Jam lowdown…

  1. Experience trumps a degree

Although university can be fun, a degree is not a must-have for PR professionals. Shock horror!

Many college graduates with a PR career in mind apply for degree courses in public relations, marketing, journalism, history or English, to give them a secure educational qualification, but getting solid experience in the PR world will more than likely teach you all you’ll need to know.

Do everything you can to bag work experience slots, internships and job-shadowing days. On-the-job experience will really open your eyes to the world of PR and its requirements, and chances are, you’ll learn a lot very quickly. Plus you’ll be able to make sure PR is right for you!

We offer an internship programme which allows you to get experience into all elements of working in the PR industry.  

  1. CIPR / PRCA courses provide industry-specific qualifications

If you’d prefer to get a solid educational grounding in PR, or fancy getting some PR-specific training, both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) offer courses that can be done alongside your first job or internship.

What’s more, joining one of these industry bodies will provide a plethora of additional benefits and perks, such as legal advice, discounted or free training sessions, template documents and a subscription to the leading industry title.

  1. Online qualifications can help you learn the ways of digital…

Traditional PR now operates alongside a heady mixture of online and social communications techniques. As a result, it makes sense to stay ahead of the curve and invest some time into brushing up your digital skills.

Google Garage is a good shout too, these pop up shops and online courses offer full certification in various digital skills – for free!

  1. Keep abreast of the news agenda

It goes without saying that PR professionals need to keep an ear to the ground regarding the current news agenda, trends and future trends.

Keep up to date on the latest industry and media trends, study the news daily, and find out who writes what. It will stand you in good stead!

  1. Write write write!

As well as reading, write. Write constantly! Start a blog, write features, and practice news release writing. When you take part in any work experience or internship, ask if you can have a go at shadow writing a piece of work and ask for honest critique. This will build your portfolio and help you get to grips with the various styles.

  1. Tenacity will prevail

PR can be a tricky industry to navigate and to gain the right experience in. Being tenacious will make the difference between a sparkling career and a mediocre one.

As per the old saying; always blow your own trumpet, as nobody else will! Make sure you stand out from the crowd, work hard and do your best to shine everyday.

If you’re looking to get some experience in the PR industry, how about an internship at Jam? Send your CV and cover letter over to and we’ll be in touch!


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