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We put brand thumbprinting to the test


While you may know what your agency does, can you define it in a few words? The Jammers had a brand thumbprinting session to do exactly that.

We joined Rob from The Growth Business Hub as part of Jam’s growth with Amplify to answer a big question: “What makes us as unique as a thumbprint?”

Brand thumbprinting

Brand thumbprinting is a process to define exactly what a business, product or service is.

It’s more than coming up with a list of buzzwords to draw in clients, it’s about forming a guarantee and delivering on it.

For example, we don’t say that we’re ‘award-winning’ just because it looks good in our Twitter bio. We say it because years of hard work have seen us pile up more industry awards than we know what to do with – and you don’t get those without proven results.

Our qualities

As a team of individuals, we recognise certain qualities our team collectively boasts. These can be sorted into two categories – emotional and logical.

These qualities are entirely human and the reason why Jam is in its twelfth successful year and its biggest period of growth. Delivering award-winning campaigns for our clients means financial success for the business. However, this can’t be done without applying both emotional and logical traits to our work.

The logical traits

Jam is a business and needs money to survive.

The business needs to make a profit and Jammers need to get paid so we can eat, pay our bills and live our best lives.

To achieve this, we use our skillset and experience to make sure we’re offering our clients the service they deserve.

Over the last twelve years, we’ve adapted to the ever-changing industry to thrive where others have been left behind. Our inventiveness and adaptability has allowed us to retain clients and attract new ones as we work to meet their needs.

The emotional traits

As a driven team, the content we produce doesn’t leave Jam Towers until we’re proud to put our name to it.

At the centre of it, we’re passionate about what we do and it shows in the results we deliver.

What is our brand’s thumbprint?

We are:




We are Jam


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