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Why you need a Digital PR agency


Since we started out 12 years ago, the PR industry has changed a heck of a lot. With all things digital taking the world by storm, we’ve seen the focus of PR shift towards a more digital PR approach.

While there is definitely still many benefits to traditional PR, you shouldn’t ignore digital PR from your overall marketing strategy. If you do, your business could get left behind.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need a digital PR agency.

Improving your online presence

First and foremost, digital PR helps increase your online presence, driving website traffic and improving your website’s SEO.

While traditional PR may feature your brand name, digital PR can take this above and beyond with embedded mentions of your brand and links back to your website.

The main benefit of digital PR is it can help with search engine rankings with brand mentions online enabling you to appear higher up in Google and be listed as one of the top websites for keywords related to your business. The end result is more traffic is driven to your website as a result of a higher ranking on Google.

The other benefit of digital PR is link building. This also helps with your SEO by getting links embedded on other websites, including within articles that are served to your target consumers. This also makes it easier for readers to visit your website directly.

Influencer marketing

With digital PR, we don’t just target online media titles. A big part of a digital PR approach includes influencer marketing.

Social media influencers, such as our very own Maurice, can be much more effective than traditional mainstream celebrities. In fact, recent statistics show that 61 percent of consumers rely on social media as their most important source of information when shopping. Similarly, influencer marketing can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising.

Measuring the success

One of the benefits of digital PR in comparison to traditional PR is its success can easily be measured. Although we can estimate readership figures based on circulation numbers for a print publication, this doesn’t give us exact figures.

However, with online coverage, there are lots of useful tools we can use to analyse the success of a piece. This can include page views, brand mentions, linkbacks, and also the domain authority of the publication site.

We also use Google analytics for a number of our clients. This allows us to see where the users visiting your website originate from, and the source they have been driven from. This means we can see exactly how effective an online placement can be.

Although digital PR is an increasingly important aspect of a PR campaign, that’s not to say we abandon the traditional PR methods altogether. We like to combine the two to ensure we’re targeting and positioning your brand in front of your key audience.

If you’re looking for digital PR for your next campaign, get in touch with us today. Call the office on 0161 850 0565 or email


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