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Why brands need a social media budget


Around three quarters of the UK population have a social media account that they use everyday to connect with the outside world – including the brands they like.
With brands now taking a digital-first approach to connecting with customers, social media has become a powerful tool to use.
However, recent changes have reduced the reach of brands on social media. So, how can a social media budget make a difference to your brand?

Facebook’s algorithm
Recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm have made it more difficult than ever for a brand to connect with its intended audience. Over 100k factors decide the content served to an individual’s news feed and the algorithm now doesn’t prioritise brand’s messaging. Instead, the algorithm favours personal content, such as a family member’s status.
Organic content from brands can reach as little as 1% of a page’s audience, so large follower numbers no longer hold as great an importance – it’s all about quality over quantity.
Across Facebook, the algorithm now values engaging content. Consistent likes, comments and shares make your brand’s messaging more valuable to the platform, by keeping users on Facebook as long as possible, so the algorithm prioritises these posts.
However, your audience can’t engage with posts they can’t see! Brands need to introduce paid social media strategies to support their current social media activity and ensure their valuable content is reaching their target audiences.
It’s doesn’t need to cost the earth, used cleverly, a little can go a long way on Facebook!

Get ahead of the competition
There are over 60 million Business Pages on Facebook – that’s a lot of other brands to compete with! However, only 5 million of these pages currently use Facebook to advertise, so there is an opportunity for forward-thinking brands to get ahead of more than 90% of the competition by utilising a small budget.
Four in 10 Facebook users don’t like any brand pages, meaning the key way to reach them is via paid advertising. Many brands recognise this and the ones that do advertise are spending more year on year.
Evidence of this is an increase in spend in the first quarter of 2018, with Facebook seeing a 62% YoY increase in ad spend.

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