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Twitter: Changing the Landscape of Event Management


Event management plays a significant role in the world of public relations. Whereas it can be one of the most stressful parts of the job for the less organised PR pros, it can also be extremely rewarding and exciting. Events are also a significant aspect of most organisations’ marketing activity, so it’s essential that we PRs really nail it.

The JAM team has organised a variety of events over the years, from big business conferences and film premieres to media launches and talent contests. While we are well versed in putting together a successful event we’re always looking for ways to improve the art of events management and how to maximise the opportunity.

A tool that we’re very excited about at the moment is Periscope (find us on Periscope, @JAM_Manchester), a social media app that launched in March this year. Owned by Twitter, Periscope live streams videos,  documenting events in real time. This new social media stream is an effective way of reaching people who may not be able to attend an event but that still want to be involved. Furthermore, the broadcast footage is available for 24 hours post event, meaning those that miss it in real time can catch up the next day, and also share the clips, maximising opportunities to see.

Followers can interact directly with the broadcaster, and the host can respond verbally to all typed comments made on the video, making the event truly interactive even for those that can’t physically attend.

Periscope is particularly valuable for smaller conferences with small budgets as it allows a broader distribution of the event in question. The ability to reach more people with good content is desirable for any business.

As well as organising our clients’ events, we also use other events as a golden opportunity to connect with consumers through social media.

Twitter has announced a new event targeting tool that allows PRs to identify upcoming events that might be aligned with their target audiences, and to build campaigns around them. Essentially, the tool provides us with a searchable calendar of upcoming events.

For each event, the user can view insights that give them the ability to understand the audiences associated with those events. For instance, Twitter’s tool identified that the total reach of the Tour De France was 20 million, 64 per cent of which were male and that the majority of those use mobile devices. We can use this valuable information to put together a targeted social media strategy that engages with a relevant audience.

Putting together an event requires a solid team, persistence and determination to get it right. At JAM, we organise successful events by bringing expert knowledge of your industry, events management, media relations and social media to the table. We can also do this without the need for an ongoing employment commitment.

If you have an event coming up and need our support, get in touch today: We can provide case studies of previous events we have managed.


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