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Time for a brand refresh?


Earlier this month Instagram unveiled its new logo, and it has received mixed reviews from users. While some praise the bright and colorful design, others have taken to Facebook and Twitter to voice their not-so-positive opinions.

But it wasn’t all bad! A lot of users were quite pleased with the new look.

As time ticks on, so do brands. It’s important that companies make sure they are keeping up with the pace and remaining modern, challenging and competitive. Making sure your brand’s appearance is dynamic and engaging is a must for organisations wanting to grow in their field. A brand refresh can put what was a tired logo back in date, and generate fresh interest in the company by transforming its entire look.

Before you start thinking about fifty shades of blue or browsing through fonts, here are some important things to consider before you start your rebrand:

Why do you need a change?

Whether you’re changing your brand name, your logo, or your website, your customers have grown familiar with your current look. It’s important before you begin to change this look that you establish what it is that’s no longer working about your current one. Does the current image no longer reflect who you are as a company? Or have you simply outgrown your initial identity? By having a clear reason for why you need a refresh, you are more likely to ensure the desired effect from it.

What does your brand communicate?

A logo can say a lot to a potential customer, and is often the first thing they will see when they come into contact with your brand. Is your brand communicating the message you want it to? A good way to find this out is by asking current clients or stakeholders what they think of your brand’s image; what were their initial thoughts when they came across the company’s logo, and how do they find navigating your website? Identify your current strengths as well as your weaknesses, and let this feedback guide your decision process.

Who are your competitors?

It’s important to know who your competitors are and monitor what they are doing and how they are presenting themselves. You don’t only want to be as good as your competitors, but better! Find ways to differentiate yourself and make sure your unique selling points stand out to potential customers.

Where do you see your company going?

Undergoing a refresh is the perfect opportunity to not only present yourselves as who you have become, but who you, as a company, want to be. A successful rebrand should support your company’s ambition and propel it forward, not just reaffirm its current status.

JAM is highly experienced in helping companies achieve their desired brand goals – we’re even undergoing a brand refresh ourselves this year!

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