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The trouble that winter brrr-ings…


November’s icy climes and plentiful downpours have crept upon us unsuspecting Brits once again, and here at JAM Towers, we are starting to feel the chill.

Us Jammers have spent the past week trying (and failing) to time our dashes out for lunch so we don’t get caught in the buckets of rain falling over Manchester city centre. As if that’s not enough, the clocks going back last weekend and the imminence of annual celebrations for Halloween and Bonfire night certainly confirm that winter is back with a vengeance.

So, as the nights draw in and the days get colder, conversation at JAM Towers has turned to our favourite winter warmers. Hot chocolate with rum and marshmallows, shepherds pie, a roaring fire and slankets (unreal for those who have never had the pleasure) topped our list of ways to keep cosy on wintry evenings.

Given the recent news regarding the ever growing energy prices that look set to hit Britain this winter we’ve also started thinking about some alternative ways to keep the house warm that don’t involve cranking the heating up to full blast.

From a little bit of research, came some clever tips for saving a few pennies, including turning radiators off in unused rooms; investing in some heavy curtains; sealing up any sneaky air vents (including the cat flap – sorry puss) and making sure all the curtains are open during the hours the sun is shining on windows – if it comes out at all, that is.

Saving a bit of hard earned cash here and there is great, but maybe this latest energy news is a wake up call for us all to make some long-term changes. Our client, Intecho, is a provider of intelligent building technologies and its focus on efficient and eco-friendly building solutions has the potential to reduce energy consumption for their customers.

In the face of such dramatically rising prices, this kind of forward thinking is exactly what we need – and in the meantime, we look forward to snuggling up in our slankets!


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