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The PR Potential of the Super Bowl


For sports fans, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar. For marketers, its commercial capabilities are undeniable. Case in point: this year, Beyoncé pulled in 147,000 tweets per minute during her performance and, inside the stadium, the singer was tagged in 60 pictures per minute on Instagram. Because of social media, the half-time show is an unrivalled marketing platform for the biggest music artists on the planet.

It’s no wonder that companies spend big bucks on advertising during the Super Bowl. On Sunday night, some brands tried to be funny and fell flat, some tried to be funny and succeeded while others struck the wrong tone completely. Audi, on the other hand, played to people’s emotions with an advert to really resonate with the audience… and they pulled it off. 

Using David Bowie’s song Starman as the background music, Audi took the crown for the most memorable ad of the night and marketing experts give it high marks. One viewer said the advert gave him ‘shivers’.

If a business can’t afford a significant investment in advertising, it is advisable to invest money wisely in other forms of public relations and marketing.  A hugely popular sporting occasion presents brands with the opportunity to execute creative social media and PR campaigns, allowing the business to reach out to an already engaged audience. Remember when Walkers re-named its products to celebrate the World Cup? Salt and Linekar flavoured crisps, anyone?

In 2016, we have been handed a wealth of sporting events to captialise on, including UEFA Euro 2016 and the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. If you would like to discuss how JAM can devise and implement a creative campaign to drive your business forward this year, contact




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