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The new GIF?



We take a look behind the lens of Swing Polaroid

As #selfie obsession reaches an all time high we were excited to find out about a new app that combines the all time favourite Polaroid picture, with all the mod-cons of today’s technology.

Tuesday saw yet another new photo-sharing app unveiled which allows users to create ‘moving photos’, available from the iTunes App Store.

Swing Polaroid has been branded as a rival for other selfie snapping apps such as Instagram and Facebook and allows its users to create 3D images, which move as you swipe up or across them.

As the media becomes much more interactive, with the likes of The Daily Mail and The Mirror Online incorporating Instagram posts and videos onto their websites, we are intrigued to see whether this app will be picked up by journalists.

Our go at Swing Polaroid

If the app does take off, it may become another medium for our clients to share content, meaning that many public relations practitioners may need to become Swing Polaroid experts.

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Images on the app move because the shutter button on Swing Polaroid captures an astounding 60 frames in one second. The app then adds more frames in-between those frames so that the image smoothly flows.

Much like other apps that have become a must have for selfie lovers; Swing Polaroid also lets users flick between different flattering filters. There is also the option to like other users’ creations.

Images from Swing Polaroid can be shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and once you’re set up you can also follow and un-follow your friends and other Swing Polaroid users.

We love the app because it’s interactive; if you’re on your phone you simply swing it around to see an image come to life in front of your eyes, hence its name.

With a flick of the wrist you can move the image up, down, left, right and as quickly or slowly, as you like.

Swing Polaroid is just one of many similar photo-sharing apps, so it will be interesting to see whether it takes off and becomes a regular part of our daily routine, or whether it ends up joining MySpace in the list of forgotten social media sites.

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