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The Jammers’ 2022 predictions


Doing the hokey cokey with lockdowns, adjusting (and readjusting) marketing plans and trying to get through copy without mentioning the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ – it’s been a weird one.

But that’s enough of that, and we’re only looking forward. Our Jammers have shared their thoughts on what we see coming up over the next year.


Authenticity will remain a strong theme for brands in 2022, as consumers seek out brands they align with. Consumers are looking for more than value for money – they want to see a brand’s commitment to its social values.

Good old PR and coverage generation will be the backbone of brands’ efforts for authenticity, utilising thought-leadership to not only give greater insight to their offering but also to share their brand purpose and the impact they have on society and the environment.

We have already seen a marked shift towards an increase in PR activity among our clients, who are looking to connect with consumers beyond scrolling online, and share their ‘why’ through longer-form articles and third-party testimony via case studies.


With everyone’s patience running low following almost two years of lockdowns and further impending restrictions, brands will be looking to connect with audiences on a genuine level. And with humans being humans, brands will achieve this in the form of humour. Humour will be the driver of targeted campaigns to support messaging and connect on a level that resonates with people as we all adapt to the “new normal”. It’s going to be agile, funny, and human-centric.


NFTs (a digital asset that belongs to the person who has it in their crypto wallet) and Blockchain… We’re moving into phase 3 of the internet, where data is king and the user owns it. Taking power away from the titans of the digital world and placing it back into the user’s hands. Trust me… It’s gonna be big!


I think we’ll see brands aiming to be more transparent with their products and services and how conscious they are of the climate emergency. Brands can easily be accused of green-washing if they’re not honest about how they impact the world we live in, meaning they can lose loyalty from customers.


For some of us, the 90’s seem like yesterday, but there’s a whole generation that never experienced them. For that generation, the 90’s are perceived as something conceptually new. Retro no longer means the 80’s and before. Taking an idealised gaze backward, we’ll start to see more Memphis design patterns, simple emojis and primitive internet frames. Bright colours, bold shapes, grainy textures and pixelated art will also make a return.


The digital revolution lives on!

Following an increase in virtual events over the last 24 months as a result of ongoing lockdowns and travel restrictions, we’ll see brands continue to opt for hybrid events.

A mixture of both in-person and virtual elements will enable events to be more inclusive to the masses – meaning that audiences from both close and afar can join in. And not only are they inclusive, but they also support more sustainable business practices – it’s a win-win for both organisations and their employees.


With customers’ options growing so quickly that they’re spoilt for choice, brands can no longer rely on reputation alone and need to step it up or get left behind. We’ll see brands start to utilise their data more than ever to deliver personalised messaging through integration with their CRM and CMS – tools that sit there not being used to their full potential at the moment. This will mean better targeting, better tracking and more measurable results – a win for everyone.


With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, social media content continues to shift in favour of entertaining videos. This means businesses need to embrace this change with open arms so that they can effectively market across different channels. But, with audiences’ attention spans getting shorter and shorter each year, marketing strategies need to align with the demand for quick, new content. Just because there’s a three-minute option, doesn’t mean you need to use it!


A machine that gives snacks. Imagine that?

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