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Syncing up with students – creating brand awareness in Manchester


This week, we’ve been generating plenty of brand awareness with the student population as our client Sync took to the streets of Manchester to have some fun!

Sync student event

Last week, our client Sync set up a stall at the Manchester Student Social event on Market Street to promote its store. The stall featured a fun, interactive game where people had to guide a robot through a maze via an iPad. It was definitely harder than it looked!

Not only was there an Instagram selfie frame promoting Sync and the shop’s offers, students were being treated to 20 percent off the latest gadgets and 10 percent off repairs, including battery replacement and fixing broken screens.

Importance of connecting with students

Manchester is home to around 100,000 students. Most of these are likely to own an iPhone, iPad or Mac – or all three! Given that Sync is based in the middle of Manchester, it was crucial to ensure they make the effort to connect with their student audience.

This is why we suggested an interactive game, to engage with people as much as possible. Offering deals on phone repairs also made sense given that some students are likely to have an alcohol-induced phone-smashing incident at some point!

Importance of generating brand awareness

Brand awareness is a powerful force – if you don’t have brand awareness, you won’t have brand recognition. The more people become aware of your brand’s presence, mission, and values, the more you can gain their trust.

More recently, brands have been turning to experiential marketing in a bid to forge direct connections with consumers. This kind of face-to-face interaction results in more compelling brand engagement, which is why we chose to help Sync with a stall at the MCR Student Social as an effective way to generate brand engagement and awareness.

Bear in mind though, brand awareness is not always something you can specifically measure. It’s there to build a platform for later, more measurable activity. Although with channels such as Instagram and Twitter, the lines are crossing and measurability is increasingly possible.  

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