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Social media and PR Snapping up data


Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook app and a notification pops up to confirm your exact location? Social media nowadays constantly tracks your every move via your mobile device, taking in where you work, eat and live.

This week, Snapchat gave us a small dose of what they see when they released their latest update that’s bound to end some friendships – Snap Maps. The new feature allows users to view their friends and their scarily accurate location on a map.

Never again will your BFF will be able to go on a midnight Maccies trip alone without running the risk of being caught out on their betrayal. But neither will you. You could always go into ‘ghost mode’, which hides you from the map, but where’s the fun in that?

The addiction to social media in today’s society means that being ‘off-grid’ is a way of excluding yourself from the now, missing out on vital information such as news, gossip and wheat field memes. While many have complained about social media’s data capture and how it feels like an invasion of privacy, we welcome the positive aspects of it.

As an agency that manages social media, we can use the wealth of data to produce the best experience for users and deliver the strongest results for our clients. Every great strategy includes social media, where brands directly engage with their customers. Good social media management can push a company into the public eye, while a single bad interaction can signal the end of a previously thriving building. Knowing as much as possible about users and how they respond to content allows us to constantly up our social media game and adjust to their preferences.

While we won’t be going to the same length as Snapchat to find out what social media users are into, it’s interesting to see the reaction to Snapchat’s latest update.


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