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Smart yet simple tips to improve your SEO


SEO can greatly compliment PR and communications strategies, and since Google has now placed more importance on the quality of content, this is truer than ever before.

SEO for PR

At face value, SEO can seem complex and daunting, but incorporating some straightforward principles into your writing is easier than it seems. Plus, it will work wonders in driving organic traffic to your site – happy days!

Treasure your keywords
When tackling SEO, discovering your keywords should be your first port of call. There are some brilliant sites and keyword planners that you can use to find out which words people are searching for, relating to a specific topic. Google Trends is great for this sort of thing and will enable you to create a definitive keyword list.

Integrate your keywords
Next, integrate these keywords into your writing where you can. It’s crucial never to sacrifice good content for SEO, of course, and remember to steer away from “keyword stuffing” as Google penalises webpages brimming with keywords. Instead, focus your attention on creating useful, engaging content that uses keywords fittingly and in context.

Watch your length
Blogs are a godsend for SEO purposes but can also serve as a great communications vehicle. When it comes to blogs, keep the word length at 300-600 words. It’s a good idea to use headings where possible also.

Take advantage of optimizing tools
Optimization tools are great for analysing your content to make it as SEO-friendly as possible. Publishing platforms such as WordPress have a built-in plugin to make this process smooth and simple. It will also allow you to amend the meta description and meta keywords to posts and pages.

Push, push, push
Once you’ve optimized your content, ensure that you share it across social media platforms, as this can strengthen your SEO impact tenfold. Also, encourage social sharing. The more people that see your posts, the more chance they’ll be shared – and that’s always a good thing for SEO. Your content needs to relevant and current, of course, otherwise shareability will be lost.

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