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Roses are red, violets are blue and we’ve got a Valentine’s message for you!


Roses are red, violets are blue and we’ve got a Valentine’s message for you!

If you weren’t aware tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and at JAMpr we have definitely been bitten by the love bug.

Roses and chocolates aside, Valentine’s Day is a key date for many brands looking to capture the imagination of lovesick consumers. And with this in mind, we’ve given a run down of our favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns that have captured our hearts and imaginations this week.

Marmite Body Paint

Marmite – Britain’s favourite yeasty spread – is officially taking things to the next level.

Love it or hate it, Marmite has been hitting the pre Valentine’s Day headlines with news that the brand is branching out into intimate body paint (we kid you not). The body paint is being ‘developed’ with London-based sex shops, Harmony, who approached Marmite following demand for bedroom-based Marmite products from their customers.

Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Marmite at JAM, but for the sake of Britain’s bed sheets we hope this one stays in ‘development’.

Personalised Nutella

Anyone that regularly reads the JAM blog will already know that we’re pretty easily swayed by cake, chocolate, cake, chocolate, cake and Nutella. So imagine our coos of excitement in learning that Selfridges’ personalised Nutella service was being extended for Valentine’s Day.

And this time, there’s a bit more choice. You can either put your special someone’s name on the jar, or romantic/naughty message (up to nine characters). Plus, you can use emojis *winky face*.

In Case of Love – Trafford Centre

Who doesn’t love being given a single red rose?

Well at the Trafford Centre this weekend shoppers are being given the option to declare their love at first sight, with free ‘Emergency Roses’.

Simple PR stunts always catch our eye, and if you’re lucky this weekend we might just catch yours – feel free to present us with a red rose or three if we do!

Printworks Empire

We couldn’t get away with name checking our favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns without mentioning our own event for The Printworks!

If you’re a massive fan of Boardwalk Empire or all things 1920s, then Printworks Empire is the perfect alternative way to spend Valentine’s Day. The free prohibition themed event is capturing the excitement of the era thanks to live performances from The Prohibition Swing Club and the sultry Bexi Owen.

Loved up couples can also enjoy free dance lessons and then grab a romantic bite to eat or drink at any of the bars and restaurants on-site.

** final Valentine’s Day mention also has to go to Jaime and Dave for buying the JAM team an early present today – amazing!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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