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Perking up employees


Internal communication is a big part of PR. Happy employees makes for a happy working environment, which can increase staff productivity and lead to employees feeling more invested in the company.
Whether a small agency or a worldwide brand, it’s important to make sure that everyone involved in the success of a company or brand feels respected, well-treated, and overall, happy to be associated with the organisation. This week, Salford-based travel agency The Foundry shared a huge motivational moment, when they surprised their 35 staff members by turning their 3,700 square foot of office space into a ball pool party.
We decided to have a look at some interesting and fun ways these companies inspire their staff members.

We couldn’t talk about employee motivation without mentioning this tech giant. Known to be a master of providing its employees with huge perks and benefits, Google has gone above and beyond. Staff receive free meals during work hours, as well as coffee and juice bars in the offices to boost energy levels.
No car to commute to work? No problem! Google has its own work buses complete with Wi-Fi to get to work in style. If staff don’t fancy walking from the bus to their desk, they can just hop on a Google scooter for a quicker trip.
Google is 100% animal-friendly, allowing staff to bring their furry friends into work, providing stress release throughout the day. Unsurprisingly, employees can’t help but rave about all the job perks Google has to offer.

Travel website Expedia topped Glassdoor’s 2016 list of the best places to work in the UK, which isn’t surprising. After a year of employment, all staff receive a travel allowance of up to £10,000. If the travel perk isn’t enough, the offices are kitted out with Formula One simulators, ping pong tables and gaming stations. They even have a rooftop terrace for breaks and barbecues, complete with tabletop iPads for outdoor work and gaming.

Coffee company Starbucks has some interesting ways of boosting morale, as employees have revealed benefits that would make any coffee connoisseur want to dust off their CV and rush down to their nearest store. Every employee gets 30% discount off products, as well as a free bag of coffee beans or box of tea every week – a caffeinated workforce is an active one! On top of this, the company offer 40 university programs to US staff members, who can earn their bachelors degree with a Starbucks discount. Starbucks don’t want their staff feeling like they’re working shift-to-shift, entitling them ‘partners’ instead of ‘employees’. They even offer shares in the company, so partners are financially invested in the company’s success.

While it’s key to treat staff with respect and provide a good working environment, sometimes those extra perks are just as important. Rewarding staff shows that employers appreciate the hard work they do and gives that boost in motivation.


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