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Pantone gets Jammy for 2014


Pantone for 2014
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – no, not Christmas, the day Pantone reveals its new colour of the year of course!

And whilst 2013 has been all about uplifting Emerald, 2014 will be taking on a distinctly rosy hue as Pantone turns once again towards JAM’s favourite part of the colour wheel with Radiant Orchid, a lovely shade of pink not dissimilar to our own brand colours.

Pantone say they “comb the world looking for colour influences” before choosing their colour of the year, but we Jammers suspect their choice may have had something to do with us. Let’s look at the evidence.

1.  Pantone say Radiant Orchid “encourages expanded creativity and originality”. Sounds a bit like JAM to us: we’re forever coming up with quirky ideas for our clients and encouraging them to think outside the box, whether it’s our Feel Good Day for Transformor our Christmas Gift Surveyfor Argos for Business. Tick.

2.  Commenting on the use of Radiant Orchid in fashion, Pantone refer to the pinky-purple shade as “a dazzling attention attention-getter” which “draws you in with its beguiling charm” – clearly the inspiration here is boss lady Jaime Gee and her team of effervescent and energetic PR powerhouses – Viki, Alyssa, Steph, Francesca, Rachel and Sarah. Tick again.

3.  Finally, Radiant Orchid is said to produce a “healthy glow” (like our client Transform), is “an invitation to innovation” (that’s like a lot of the people we work with – Corporate PayCarrot Car Insuranceand Argos for Business to name but three), and “provides a unifying element for diverse spaces” (uh-huh, just like intelligent building technology specialists Intecho another of our clients). Tick.

So there you have it, ladies and gents, proof that that when it comes to looking to the future, it pays to think pink.


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