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Not Bossy, The Boss


As a woman at work I feel it’s important to support other women to achieve their ambitions because to be frank, sexism is still an issue in 2016.

Equally, having female role models that have achieved professional success is just as important to me in a world of instafame and celebridee; that’s why when I came across the Lean In movement recently, I wanted to learn more.

Women can create or join an existing ‘Circle’ where they meet regularly to learn and grow together, stepping outside of comfort zones, hence the term ‘leaning in’. The brainchild of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and a woman of power, an impressive 85% of members credit their circle with a positive change in their life.

The fact that over 29,000 women have signed up tells us that there’s still a long way to go to achieve equality but Sandberg’s controversial view (shared in her 2013 book, Lean In) is that it’s often women’s own lack of self confidence and drive that holds them back in life arguing, “We lower our own expectations of what we can achieve.”  I personally think that part of the problem can be attributed to women being referred to as bossy, while men are instead labelled leaders and decisive.

Whether you agree with Sandberg’s statement or not it’s a point worth considering and asking if it’s true of you. If it is, maybe it’s time to join a Circle and get the confidence to speak up? The female Jammers certainly aren’t backwards in coming forwards, and we most definitely encourage each other and celebrate success and that should be the norm everywhere.

When you’re going for a promotion, pay rise or want to make sure your voice is heard in discussion, just remember Beyonce’s wise words “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss”.



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