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Manchester: A city called home


This week, Manchester saw one of its darkest days when we lost 22 people in the horrendous attack at Manchester Arena. Every heart in Manchester collectively broke that evening and the following morning as news came in of children, parents, family and friends being taken on what should have been one of the happiest nights of their life.

There are no words to describe the loss we’ve experienced, but there’s always a word to describe Manchester – home. Home is safety. It’s thousands of emergency services staff rushing to a scene of unknown devastation, healing the wounded and keeping watch over us.

Home is family. It’s taxi drivers working through the night giving free rides. It’s city centre residents opening their homes. Most of all, home is the product of hard work. Manchester is known for its amazing music, sport and buildings. It’s always changing with the times and we’ve created a rich history along the way.

We’ve seen so much change here because we’re constantly working on getting better, which is why our symbol of the worker bee is so fitting. Now it’s time for Manchester to do the hardest work of all – heal. The community spirit Manchester has shown since the attack is special. In our toughest test, we’ve stood side by side and shown our humanity.

From JAM, we want to offer our sincerest condolences to everyone affected by this senseless attack. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.
Stay strong, our kid.


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