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Kim K (Nearly) Breaks the Internet


So the Internet did not technically break this week, but Kim Kardashian certainly gave it a good try…

When the cover of Paper magazine featuring Kim K hit the ’net on 11th November, social media went into full meltdown. Predictably, abuse and ridicule ensued, but so did admiration and awe.

The JAM team has debated whether we like the pictures or not (we are still tickled by the observation that she looks like a glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut), but there’s one thing we can’t deny – the Kardashian machine is PR genius.

Consider the numbers alone: Kardashian West now has more than 25 million followers on Twitter and has tweeted over 18,000 times; Kim has posted 2,134 photos on Instagram and has 21 million followers there; and, on Facebook, she has 24 million fans. Her digital impact is fascinating and she knows what she’s doing – we highly doubt she cares whether or not we ‘like’ her latest magazine cover.

Speaking of monumental assets, Philae touched down on the surface of the singing comet this week. We were once again, glued to our computer screens! The mission is already assured of its place in history. Philae’s journey took 10 years and planning for the mission began 25 years ago!

The tweet put out by @ESA-Rosetta confirming Philae’s touchdown received 6,161 retweets and 3,332 favourites. This is even more engagement than @papermagazine secured when they tweeted the now infamous Kim K cover for the first time (3,435 retweets and 2,844 favourites).

As a full-service consultancy, JAM offers a specialist digital service and so we’re always keen to see what’s trending on the web. A particular social media highlight for us happened earlier this year, when we successfully grew the C.K Magma Facebook page by 800% in just three months. You can’t argue with cold, hard stats!

And that rounds up another great week at JAM!

Words by Anna Pickard


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