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Jam’s predictions for 2019


The end of 2018 is almost in sight, and we’re already gearing up for a jam-packed year ahead! With the new year in mind, here’s what we predict will be Jam-hot and Jam-not in 2019!


Claire: “The already blurred lines of PR and marketing will continue to blur. It’s been happening for a while now, and there’s always been a certain amount of cross over, but PR, marketing, digital, social, and content are no longer seen as stand-alone entities or offerings. Both agencies, such as ourselves, and businesses will need to continue to develop their skills and proposition to move with this.”

Eve: “Although PR is becoming more and more intertwined with SEO, digital marketing, creative content writing, owned media and social, I predict that there will be a shift back towards more traditional methods of PR as well. This will include thought leadership such as positioning clients as experts in their field, working together with journalists to write online and print features that educate, challenge, and inform, as well as generating earned media pieces in trusted editorial channels.”

Social Media

Amy: “Instagram has increased in popularity over the past few years, with more users, ad revenue and content on the platform, mainly due to the introduction of Instagram Stories (which we originally saw on Snapchat). I expect to see more brands using the Shoppable feature and selling directly to customers through the app. Instagram is also currently trialling a storified approach as an alternative to a scrolling feed to reduce passive scrolling. We’ll have to see how this turns out as it seems the majority of social media is just passive scrolling rather than tuning in to stories – we’ll be watching this closely!”

Sarah: “I predict Instagram Stories will go from strength to strength. As superstar influencers such as Mrs Hinch have shown, posting a regular mix of entertaining content can really engage users far more than grid images and video content can. However, I think IG Stories will have to innovate further to stay ahead of the game, but I’m looking forward to seeing this develop!”

Tom: “2019 will see the death of Snapchat! Other social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn have taken their format and improved and developed it, so unless Snapchat diversifies, it won’t last much longer. I also think more brands will embrace portrait video with videos primarily being viewed on phones, and while turning your phone on its side gives a bigger screen, people are too lazy!”

Anna: “I think emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will become a big part of social media in 2019 with the need for creating a more personal experience for the user. Brands will be able to tailor content to its audience’s interests, as well as being able to engage with them on a level playing field, as a friendly face, rather than as a faceless brand.”


Dan: “With Google moving to index mobile responsive websites first, I think this will see UX lead with mobile first designs and desktop design playing second fiddle. I think we’ll also see animated icons be used more in apps and digital design, and a shift in packaging design towards more recyclable materials with the increased focus on reducing waste.”

Lauren: “We’ve seen it already in the last few years but the continuation of agile, adaptive and moving brands. It’s not just about a logo anymore, brands need whole sets of assets that can be used for each different medium. The design industry will also see changes with more and more designers expected to have additional skills such as animation, motion and coding. On the flip side though, more brands may start to opt for more classic skills, such as illustration which helps bring a more human element into campaigns.”

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