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JAM's Mad for Manchester


Last week we were reminded of just how much this vibrant city of ours has to offer, with the news that a new report has cited Manchester as the most “vibrant” place in the UK to call home.

The “vibrancy index”, compiled by information services group Experian, uses census and commercial data to rank the UK’s top cities based on changes in society, and this month the report saw Manchester scoop the top spot – with the London borough of Kensington coming in at second place.

With this in mind and to show our appreciation for all that this colourful city has to offer, we did a whip round at JAM Towers to find out just what it is about Manchester that makes it so darn lovable:

Dave @davefromjam
Anywhere with a roof garden or terrace that means you can watch the world go by gets my vote – Great John Street hotel is perfect for this!

I also love the ‘old mans’ public houses. There are so many colourful characters that drink in there day in day out, and you can guarantee that they’d do anything for you!

Jaime @JaimeGee
Quite simply – the people. Mancunians are the friendliest folk in the world and their humour is second-to-none. Parsonage Gardens provides a slice of sanctuary in an otherwise hectic city, while the steak at Grill on the AlleyGrill on the Alley melts in the mouth, and the wine flows freely!

Viki @vikitahmasebi
The Christmas markets! Plus you can drive everywhere unlike in some cities. And the restaurants are fantastic.

Rich @RichardTPay
Beggars Bush in Chorlton on a sunny Saturday / Sunday. It doesn’t open until 1pm, which is prime breakfast time when you’ve been out of a night, and it’s the best full English I’ve ever tasted!

Francesca @FrancescaGaffey
I love looking up in Manchester – we still have lovely old buildings, like the ones on King Street. The town hall is an amazing gothic, Victorian building, and we also have some amazing converted buildings. 

I love the fact that it’s so international and you hear so many languages just walking around the city centre. Plus, we have our very own Captain Manchester who is a legend in his own right already!

Stephanie @StephBrookesPR
You can’t beat Dukes on a sunny Sunday afternoon with pizza, prosecco and a guy playing jazz! I also feel Manchester is so much cleaner than some cities, particularly London.

I love Manchester Cathedral too, it’s beautiful.

As for me? I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Afflecks Palace. Having spent many a youthful shopping trip wandering it’s rooms, I can safely say that it’s one of the most colourful places in Manchester with a unique atmosphere that takes you straight back to your teens (or at least it does for me).

And let’s not forget the eats on offer – from Almost Famous burgers, to Katsouris Deli on Deansgate and the Hard Rock Cafe. What’s not to enjoy?

If you’re feeling the love for your fellow Mancunians (especially us Jammers) why not cast your vote for us at the 2013 Talk of Manchester Awards? We’ve been nominated for Best PR Company.


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