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JAMming Women Who’ve Inspired


As a collection of strong women (and our honorary females, Dave and Maurice), us Jammers always look forward to International Women’s Day, not least because it’s a reminder of how many inspiring visionary ladies it has taken to get us to where we are now.

Yes, there are global rumbles that all this hard work and historical bravery could be undermined by a certain Mr. President, however, collectively, I’d say us women are a force to be reckoned with, so good luck with that!

#BeBoldForChange has been this year’s campaign theme, which got us thinking – about us, about our legacies and the women in our lives that have helped carve our success and lead our journey to where we are today – JAM!

So here’s some thoughts from our very own Jammers.

Jess, our vibrant designer is instilling in her younger cousins a sense of bravery and confidence to help ensure they achieve the very best in life. Meanwhile, our other creative extraordinaire, Lauren, says inspiring her younger football teammates to be confident in their ability, believe in themselves and remain positive is critical.

MD Jaime adds: “I’m constantly pushing boundaries – some would call it cheeky, I call it confident! I believe in my abilities and that of our entire team and I won’t take no for an answer (in the majority of cases).”

Inspiring Women
Our mums, grandmas and best friends all seem to fit the bill for the women in our lives who have inspired us the most. Our fabulous intern Amy, idolises her mum who, as a single parent, did everything from cooking their tea to laying the floor. Consultant Becky’s best friend is her inspiration; despite experiencing some unimaginably difficult times, she’s always done so with a smile on her face.

For Jaime, again it’s her mum, who grafted, sacrificed and faced untold struggles but her resilience saw her come out stronger than ever. Meanwhile, honorary JAMlady, Dave, is bowled over by his mum’s strength in the face of devastating adversity; she’s taught both him and Jaime dignity, compassion and understanding. A true angel.

Famous Admiration
Clichéd as it may sound, the Suffragette movement, and in particular, Emeline Pankhurst, remains a huge area of admiration for associate director, Sara, while Michelle Obama, as a speaker and role model, is Jess’s iconic figure.

Another Michelle, this time Michelle Mone, is Jaime’s iconic figure. Born in Glasgow with almost nothing to her name, she didn’t take no for an answer and thanks to her tenacity, is now a leading business figure.

Olympian Ronda Rousey, the first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing,  claims top spot for Amy. Not to mention Karen Brady, who, thanks to her success in a male-dominated world without the need for bitchiness, has impressed Lauren. And last but not least, the Queen who, according to Becky, is simply “phenomenal”.

Our JAM Legacies
We all have our dreams however, when asked what we wanted our legacy to be, the one thing we’d like to be remembered for, the key themes were:

– Supporting young individuals struggling to enter the design and creative industries
– Being a strong, creative woman who always has time to help others… and have a laugh!
– Being remembered for my caring, hardworking nature, and always striving for and doing my best
– Achieving dignified success, and supporting others to embark upon that journey
– Having a dream and grabbing it by the balls to make it happen!
– Being David to the proverbial Goliath, and not letting it stop us

As well as seeing what makes our Jammers tick, International Women’s Day has also highlighted that actually, the ethos and personality of JAM is ingrained in all of our team. Perhaps this is what makes us so successful!

So, we’d like to raise a glass (it is Friday!) to all our unique JAMming ladies, who help make us the award-winning agency we are today. Here’s to your…

– Strength
– Compassion
– Creativity
– Fun
– Caring nature
– Hard work
– Ambition
– Tenacity
– Dignity


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