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Although busy, this week at JAM Towers has been decidedly less hectic than the previous one.  Last week’s jammed-packed schedule can be largely attributed to the media visits which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dawn Hesketh and I, armed with the tightest of itineraries, journeyed down to that there London to update an array of journalists with the latest my Travel Cash news.

Whilst Dawn trotted off to see The Independent, Money Saving Expert and The Daily Express, I met with the lovely Amanda Statham (of Cosmo and You and Your Wedding fame), The Guardian’s affable Rupert Jones and Nick Soldinger from Nuts magazine who, coincidentally, is one of the nicest chaps you’re ever likely to meet.

iPad in hand and clients in tow, our meetings were mainly kept short and sweet (although I did enjoy a leisurely latte out in the sun with The Sun!) as we efficiently spread the word about the latest developments from the prepaid currency card.

And whilst getting on and off heaving tube carriages on a hot day wasn’t entirely pleasant, and our feet were blistered after marching for miles around the capital, our meetings were all a success and should result in some cracking coverage. Hurrah!

Now, nestled safely back at our desks with a Family Circle box of biscuits within reaching distance, we’re enjoying some relative ‘down time’. Not that we can afford to get too comfortable mind, as our next excursion to the capital, with our brand spanking new client Azimo, is less than two weeks away.

Oh, and if you’re wondering just what the exciting my Travel Cash news is, you’ll just have to watch this space…


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