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The Sound of Progress: How Jam gave FinTech, Vox Money, a voice


Our multi-award winning campaign for financial services solution, Vox Money

With millions in the UK being ignored by traditional banks, we were challenged with creating and launching a challenger brand to disrupt the banking market with a fintech solution that offered cutting-edge money management for those who had been financially excluded.

Our clear vision from the brand’s inception through to launch showcased incredible creativity and innovation, developing the crucial creative concept through to branding, strategy and website development. We strategically created and delivered a vibrant and unique brand that cut through an overcrowded banking market, engaging directly with weary consumers who had been ignored and financially excluded for years.

Extraordinary thinking

In 2020 1.2 million adults were ‘unbanked’ – ignored by traditional banks, with no access to banking services. This group had been rejected by mainstream banking, facing financial uncertainty alone and had grown disengaged.

We conducted thorough research into the audience, market and competitors to ensure that a data-driven approach could be developed, tapping into key insights and findings. With a saturated finance market it was clear that many consumers were getting left behind and digitally excluded as new fintechs forgot about the ‘unbanked’ population.

We had a clear vision for Vox Money, developing a name which translates to voice (Latin), with a bold narrative capturing the technology behind the product with the power of giving those previously ignored a voice – Vox Money – the sound of progress.

The brand was launched with an integrated, digital-first strategy. We positioned the brand as the people’s champion, shining a light on the ‘unbanked’ population, understanding their financial needs and providing a simple solution that spoke directly to the people, for the people. The branding was bold, unapologetically inclusive and showcased the fintech solution at its best.

We segmented our launch strategy into three phases, with each utilising bespoke messaging and objectives. The education and awareness phase introduced the brand to market generating awareness amongst our audience. The second phase promoted the brand’s USPs, developing trust and driving traffic through to the brand’s website. The final phase aimed to capture customer data for retargeting, whilst driving traffic back to site to support customer sign-ups.


Positioned as an e-money account for everyone, we developed a digital approach to launch Vox Money. The audience research during branding laid the foundations for identifying, segmenting and targeting audiences digitally, maximising budgets with little waste.

Through vibrant and innovative creative, teamed with clever copywriting, we brought the brand to life; from developing the concept to designing the website, we ensured every touch point was carefully crafted to turn the Vox Money vision into a reality.

Utilising the brand’s bold and unforgettable identity and the unquestionable data allowed us to maximise results across a variety of platforms, reaching every segment of our target audience. The organic and paid social media strategy was key for driving qualified leads to the website, engaging with our consumers, whilst increasing reach and developing trust with consumers who had little confidence in financial organisations.

We produced optimised digital content aimed at engaging and informing target audiences and answering finance queries to increase organic traffic. Through our optimised digital content and social media activity we were able to address customers’ concerns by sharing advice – underpinning the brand’s narrative as the voice of the people.

We implemented paid search and display advertising to reach customers throughout the different stages of the funnel, driving them to the site to convert.

The tactical mix raised brand awareness, promoted its USPs and helped to support the audience to become more financially savvy. Ultimately, positioning Vox Money as trusted industry experts and driving potential customers to site to support sign-ups.

And for pudding, the proof

By creating a clear point of difference with a powerful brand proposition and identity, we created and launched a brand that shook up the industry and engaged a weary target audience who had faced decades of exclusion from the financial market.

The insight-led campaign tapped into the ‘unbanked’ consumer to develop a brand that championed the underserved and ignored, providing a voice for the people. Using a powerful brand and a clever strategy we quickly stirred consumers into taking action.

Our 8 week launch campaign achieved:

  • 11.2m digital impressions
  • 82,000 social media engagements
  • 6,000 visitors to Vox Money’s website in month one
  • 49.7% conversion rate for customer sign-ups to a Vox Money account
  • Over 3k qualified leads, representing potential annualised ROI of 347%
  • Over 14k users driven to website, with 70,000+ page views on benefits page

The campaign made a real impact, ensuring the brand’s niche target audience were aware of the new disrupter in the market, who they trusted and engaged with.

From inception to launch we created and delivered a truly disruptive challenger brand which took the market by storm. The insight-led approach enabled us to tap into a disengaged and forgotten audience in a truly innovative and unique way, maximising results on a relatively small budget in comparison to many large fintechs. From the bold brand identity to the narrative that ignites a sense of community and solidarity, Vox Money is a brand that the industry and its customers won’t be able to forget.


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