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I’ve been jammy to jam with JAM.


I’ve been jammy to jam with JAM.

Miles Zilesnick provides insight to work experience at JAMpr. Miles Zilesnick

Alongside many other graduates I’m currently on my quest for employment – and like all quests there are always stepping stones along the way. My last two weeks here at JAM Towers have been my most enjoyable steps yet, and a brilliant insight into the PR world.

I received an offer for the placement and rapidly managed to secure time off work and found a sofa to crash on – I’ve been paying my friend back with freshly baked bread each week. Once that was sorted, I confirmed the placement and then just had to wait… I was counting down the days until I found myself reunited with the marvelous city that is Manchester. I’ve spent three years here studying Classics at university and have been itching to move back ever since.

From day one with JAM I was thrown straight into work and hopefully I’ve been some help. Of course there has been the occasional brew involved, but that’s just good manners. Starting each day by reading all the papers has been brilliant – and that’s not sarcasm. It’s a calming way to start the day, and very eye-opening to see how one story can be twisted and shaped several times as I scour the pages for useful information.

I’m hardly a stranger to the telephone, and working here has certainly propelled my manner and confidence in this field. I’ve been surprised how easy it is to get in contact with key journalists and editors of national papers too. When I began selling in stories it started as a daunting thought but ended in being great fun. I can’t put into words how happy I felt when I got my first bit of coverage for my Travel Cash. In addition to all this I’ve been doing a lot of research for new clients and helping brainstorm, which has been incredibly insightful.

Asides from all the serious work, we’ve tried hunting down a few of the English Rugby Team and UFC champion, Michael Bisping, who were in town for the UFC fight at the Phones4U Arena this weekend. We wanted to sell them cakes for Caketober, which the entire team got behind baking up some gorgeous treats. I got involved too making chocolate smothered cake balls. There’s also been a lot of boob talk for Transform Cosmetic Surgery, as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The last fortnight has certainly been diverse! 

Team JAM

Working with new people, especially in such a small environment, can be a tricky thing. It’s an open plan office at JAM, where everyone is sat next to each other, so you can’t avoid anyone, not that you have any reason too with these lovely Jammers, they are all delightful to work with. I’ve been made to feel so welcome and am sad that Friday was my last day. It’s been a pleasure being a temporary Jammer for two weeks and hopefully it won’t be the last I see of the team!



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