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Becoming a social media influencer: Maurice’s story


This week, our office pooch Maurice finally hit 10,000 followers on Instagram – go on lad! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve managed to bag ourselves a world exclusive with a guest blog from Maurice Gee: social media influencer.

Making a start

It was a humble beginning for me, a small Frenchie in the big city of Manchester. I knew I was special though, and I just had to share it with the world!

Step one was to name my account, and it was all about me, so I named it frenchiemaurice – done!

Then, I had to choose the perfect first photo to showcase my cuteness to my followers – easy!

Use those hashtags

It can be ruff, trying to stand out on a platform with millions, but using hashtags allows my fans to find me. Using #frenchbulldog, #frenchiesofinstagram and #frenchie gets me new followers all the time. The #throwback hashtag always helps, because I get to share some super cute pictures. On some posts, I use up to 15 hashtags – the pawfect amount to get noticed!

Engage online and offline

The clue is in the name – social media – so I’m always chatting. I’m a little social butterfly, so if I see another pooch on the street, I have to stop for a little natter and sometimes a friendly brawl if they’re up for it.

Instagram is the same, so I’m always commenting on other photos, as well as replying to comments on my own. You can’t forget those tags either, if you want promoting, you’ve gotta promote others!

Get those candids!

I know I’m at a level of beauty others aspire to be, which is why I have to let my followers know I’m a down to earth doggie with a drool shot every now and then. Making relatable posts that people will laugh at are always a great break from the flawless persona I usually put out…

Be out and about

A change of scenery is always good – no one wants to see me working (napping) hard at my desk all day. Manchester is a beautiful city, and my followers love me sharing snaps of it while I’m out and about. I especially love the bars and Manchester is full of dog-friendly places. I’m so well-recognised, I even featured in a book called Pub Dogs of Manchester!

Celebrate the landmarks

Getting to 10k followers and becoming an influencer took a lot of posing, patience and my dad lying on wet grass to get the perfect shot. So when my followers grow, I want to bark about it! Here’s me 9,000 followers ago – what a lot of work my account took to get me where I am today!

Most importantly… an influencer has to take good photos

I mean, I’m more photogenic than most, but people can tell a good photo from a bad one. It’s the whole point of Instagram! With lighting, posing, and the right filter, you can really create quality shots with a smartphone.

Anyway, I’m off to nap and make my way to 15k – Moz the influencer out!

Maurice learned from the best! If you’re looking for an agency to handle your social media pages, or your next campaign, get in touch! Contact or call the office on 0161 850 0565.


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