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How to Build Relationships with Brand Ambassadors


More and more companies are embracing brand ambassadors in order to get the word out about their product or service, and this is something PRs should be recommending to their clients.

Brand ambassadors provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to a brand. The benefit of a brand ambassador lies in their ability to strengthen the customer / product relationship and introduces a brand to a new audience.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising, demonstrating the potential power of the ambassador.

The brand ambassador can be asked to take on a variety of PR assignments in return for a fee. They may be employed to engage with your social media channels, publish a bi-monthly article mentioning the brand on their blog, attend networking events as a representative, or provide guest blogs for the brand’s website. The opportunities are endless and, what’s more, you don’t need a huge budget in order to undertake this activity. 

We’ve put together our top five tips to keep in mind before approaching a potential ambassador:

– Do your research

The chosen brand ambassadors should have solid online reputations and have a strong professional network of people in their industry.

– Look for an engaged social media audience

Your chosen ambassadors should have a highly engaged social media following, to allow your brand to be shared among an actively involved audience.

– Choose people that are relevant to your client’s sector

If your product or service is geared toward health conscious adults between the ages of 25 and 40, then target brand ambassadors that match that demographic.

– Educate and arm your ambassadors with all of the knowledge and tools they need.

If necessary, implement a training program that will provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the brand, as well as the product or service. Remember, your ambassadors will essentially serve as the public face of your brand, so make sure they know their stuff.

– Engage with your brand ambassador

Once you have recruited your brand ambassador, listen to their feedback, ask them what works well and respond to their suggestions. It’s important to maintain a positive relationship and ensure that they are a genuine fan of the brand they represent. 

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