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Happy National Blog Posting Month!


It’s National Blog Posting Month – a month to celebrate the creative outlet that has taken over the internet, and encourage those who don’t already to join in on the trend. For hardcore participants of “NaBloPoMo”, the month involves writing one post a day, every day for the rest of the month!

But blogging isn’t only a great hobby for personal creativity; it’s also a valuable engagement tool for businesses that can increase SEO and, in the long run, increase sales. Businesses who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive return on investment .

Here are our top five reasons why every business should start its own blog:

Drive people to your website
How often do you update your website? It can often be difficult for businesses to improve their SEO and drive traffic to their websites through organic searches. The solution? Blogging creates new indexed pages, which will appear on Google and other search engines. This helps new audiences find your website, especially if you use rich content that is relevant to your target market.

Develop your social media following
Blogs are perfect for sharing on social media networks e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By sharing interesting content you’ll create brand awareness and attract new audiences who may have never heard of you before.

Turn traffic into leads
With a blog driving traffic to your website, you can use this to generate new leads. By setting up call-to-actions, (e.g. a free trial for a product, free eBook, free webinar), your visitors will give their information in return for your free offer. This is a great way of converting your blog’s traffic into something valuable that will help your sales team, and in the long term, your profits.

Humanise your brand
Blogging creates a personality for your brand and gives it a voice. You can not only talk to your customers about products and services, but also comment on industry issues, market trends, share good news and discuss topics that relate directly to your customers.

Build authority in your industry
A blog is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field by sharing knowledge and important industry news. This will create trust from not only your customers but from journalists and industry peers. It will also keep you in the forefront of potential customers’ minds so that you’re their first point of call when they decide to make a purchase.

JAMpr is an expert on writing blogs across all sectors for many of its clients. If you’d like advice on starting a blog for your business, the Jammers would be happy to help! Contact to find out what we can do for your brand.


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