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It’s Happiness Happens Month! What makes a happy Jammer?


It’s time to forget our stresses for a while and celebrate all the happier things in life, as August is officially Happiness Happens Month!

Happiness comes in many different shapes and forms – here the team at Jam share what makes them happy (besides life at Jam, of course!)


Where do I begin?!

Seeing my Jammers happy and confident in their work.

Receiving great feedback from clients on the work you all do.

Consistently lifting heavier and heavier in the gym.

Holidays – working towards some well deserved downtime



Having something to look forward to and focus my energy on keeps me happy. It could be as big as having my next holiday booked or as simple as the thought of a massive pizza at the end of the night.


Going out for dinner, calling my friends and family, sunny bike rides, sunshine in general, playing football, dogs and cats!

Maurice the French Bulldog

Trumping and scratching myself (inappropriately).

My blue ball, it’s my favourite. Bit obsessed to be honest.

Ham, cheese and bacon. Any extra scraps of food I can get my teefs into really.

Falling asleep next to my mum on the sofa every night and hogging her leg space!


Seeing the team produce great creative work

Solving problems for clients and making things happen (usually last minute).

Being outdoors – at the beach with Maurice.

Training makes me happy, and breaking my PBs in the gym – progression.

I love a good curry! And accompanying bottles of Cobra to wash it down.

Sarah H

Achieving goals I’ve been working towards – whether at work or at home.

Being productive – nothing better than getting home at the end of the day and feeling you’ve smashed it!

Travelling and seeing friends.

Good food (and Prosecco!)


For me – work wise I still love love love getting coverage for clients – especially national. You can’t beat that feeling. I just love doing a good job for clients and for them being pleased with the effort and results.

At home – I love being with my family – spending time all together reading a story to my kiddies is perfect. Being curled up with a glass of wine watching a film is pretty good too! 


I love being a part of a team. You probably spend more time with the people you work with than family members, so I feel lucky to be around such a decent bunch of people so often!

Wine makes me happy. In most forms, at most times….

Winter makes me happy too. Knitwear, cold weather, hearty food, country pubs, log fires and Christmas!


What makes me happy? Family get-togethers, drinking with friends, dogs (although I tragically don’t have one), finding a really good book, literally anything beauty related, going out to eat (or just food in general), and probably most of all: going on holiday and chilling in the sun with a drink.


Only chicken wings make me truly happy. 

Happiness happens a lot at Jam as we keep our clients happy by delivering excellent results. If you want us to work on your next integrated campaign, get in touch. Contact or call the office on 0161 850 0565


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