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Go Live With Facebook


In February, Facebook announced the launch of its latest feature, Facebook Live. The live video broadcasting service allows users to share instant moments with each other from the simple touch of a button on the Facebook app, via an Apple or Android device. Thanks to Facebook’s existing user base, the new function allows brands to reach and engage with billions of people.

Live streaming video content is by no means a new concept – in 2008, YouTube Live paved the way for platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook Live. However, Facebook Live looks set to trump its predecessors thanks to its innovative new feature that enables all users, including brands, to watch and create live video content within closed groups. 

Although Facebook Live is accessible to everybody, friends, families, and co-workers can choose to connect and share private content live with each other in closed Facebook groups. This benefits brands that may use the function to set up an invite-only Q&A session or seminar. This creates a sense of exclusivity, engaging with loyal followers and forging a closer consumer-brand relationship. 

Sony and BuzzFeed are already using the service to set up live broadcasts to promote new products and host virtual meet and greets with its audiences. BuzzFeed has even live streamed an exploding watermelon, which attracted an audience of up to 800,000 concurrent live viewers. According to reports, Buzzfeed is now working on a game show concept for Facebook Live… watch this space.

The social media giant has rolled out its ‘like’ and sentiment feature on Facebook Live too, making it more interactive than the likes of Periscope. Users can express their feelings and comment or respond in real time during a live broadcast. Already, Facebook has revealed that users are commenting 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than regular video posts.  This feature means brands are gaining a better understanding of viewer sentiment, which can then be used to inform future broadcasts.

For brands, online video content serves as one of the best ways to display content as it gives both information and entertainment value in an easy-to-digest format – in an age of information overload, this is increasingly desirable.

Furthermore, Facebook Live also taps into a key trend whereby consumers are increasingly demanding instant updates. Being able to watch events from across the world unfold in real-time will appeal to the masses who demand immediate access to content (having said that, anyone who does miss a live broadcast can search for previously aired videos via the Facebook app).

At JAM, we understand the importance video content and live streaming to a brand’s communication strategy. Studies have found that by 2019, 80 per cent of global Internet consumption will be video content . If you would like to develop your business’ online presence get in touch: or call 0161 850 0565.


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