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Facebook For Business


The Internet Advertising Bureau reported an increase of 285 per cent on social media marketing spend in the past three years, and businesses are becoming more and more savvy to its advertising power. In response to this, Facebook is ramping up its business offering and we’re keen to find out more…

Facebook For Business

Businesses have been using Facebook as a marketing tool for nearly as long as Mark Zuckerberg was using it to pick up women at uni, so the launch of Facebook For Business this month didn’t exactly stop us in our tracks.

Managing social media for many of our clients, it’s our job to be ahead of the curve in terms of what tools are out there to maximise brand awareness – Facebook and Twitter are probably every company’s first port of call.

I’ll resist the urge to PR it too much, but Facebook For Business offers users a completely streamlined approach to managing their corporate pages (sorry, but that’s what it does).

Easier account management
Gone are the days of faffing about with multiple logins and sessions timing out when another member of your team logs in to post something at the same time as you.

Advice on targeted posts
It offers step-by-step instructions on how to reach the right target audience when boosting your posts, as well as providing an analysis of how well the post did or didn’t perform.

Measurements and insights
It will tell you things like the number of new page likes, how many people your posts reached and the level of engagement each post received. So, if your video of a monkey and a tiger having a cuddle got far more likes than the news article about crime rates in the city centre, it begs the question, is your content right or are you targeting the wrong audience for your brand?

For smaller businesses, FBfB (awful acronym isn’t it?) could be a really useful addition to their marketing tools. However, much larger corporations, or those already quite adept at social media, probably won’t be too affected by it. Perhaps this will be levelling the playing field.

For PRs, these insights and much more complex ones are being monitored closely every day and have been for a long time. Bringing this level of insight to the attention of all businesses on Facebook marks an acceleration in pace for the industry to keep ahead and provide clients with an even higher level of expertise.


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