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How to create content that goes viral


The word ‘viral’ instantly reminds you of a lot of memorable moments. From Budweiser’s ‘Wazzup’ to ‘Charlie Bit Me’ to ‘Salt Bae’, you never know what the next big thing is going to be.
Thanks to YouTube and every other social media platform, millions of potentially viral pieces of content are churned out on a daily basis, with a chosen few managing to take off and become instantly recognisable.
While we can’t control what becomes popular on the Internet, we can have a hand in getting our message as far and wide as possible. We’re here to talk you through creating viral content:

Know your goal
What do you want your content to achieve? Whether you want to increase brand awareness or generate sales, you need to make sure that your message is tailored to the goal in mind.

Define your audience
Your content is useless if the right people aren’t seeing it. Make sure you know exactly where you can deliver your content directly to your audience.
Different audiences operate across different channels, so without a clear idea of your audience, you could be delivering a message to Facebook that belongs on Twitter.
You should try and get your audience as specific as possible, considering gender, age, location as well as interests. For example, you wouldn’t want a car enthusiast seeing your content on washing up liquid.

Make your message clear
Keep your content’s message as simple as possible. Sending a complicated message out will either make people switch off, which is bad, or interpret it in their own way, which can be worse.
Choosing a genuine, human angle that people can relate to and respond to emotionally will get the best response. They are more likely to spread a message that reminds them of a loved one than a blatant product plug.

Measure your content
When your content goes out into the world, don’t just leave it there. Track it wherever it goes and make adjustments when necessary. If it does better at a certain time of day, change the delivery time. If it does best in a certain location, make the distance more specific.

Don’t be a one hit wonder
Once your content is out there and doing well, don’t call it a day. Make sure you look over how it performed and make the tweaks necessary to ensure your future content does just as well, if not better.

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