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Cheer up Manchester, we love you!


So Harrogate was this week named as the happiest place to live in Britain (see here), with Manchester coming a measly 91st out of 111 locations in Rightmove’s Happy at Home Index – down eight places from 83rd last year.

The survey – asking nearly 50,000 respondents to rank how happy they are with their homes and communities – showed that Mancunians are particularly concerned about the price of their property and their satisfaction with local amenities.

Now granted, London is home to all ten of the lowest ranking areas in this most recent study, but why are we supposedly so miserable up here in our northern little city? It can’t just be about property either, I mean look at our weather – where else can you find yourself needing to take both an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses as you leave the house for work?

Take the people too – it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re buying, somebody somewhere will call you love upon your first meeting. We’re full of love for anyone and everyone here. Just having a natter about the weather with the waitress at lunch is enough to brighten my afternoon (which undoubtedly the sun will have failed to do).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Harrogate and it certainly is a delightful little place to be. But we’ve got tea shops here in Manchester (okay, often known as pubs…) and scenery too (squint through the crowds in Piccadilly Gardens and there is some grass underneath, I promise you), not to mention plenty to do – queue for days for the best view of the top acts at the Phones 4u Arena or even check out the scene at The Printworks on a Saturday night! Besides, Harrogate doesn’t have a lovely little Maurice and we certainly do – 1-0 to Manchester in the eyes of us here at JAM!


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