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A blogging bonanza? The rise of professional bloggers and what this means for PR


The exponential rise in bloggers and social media influencers over the past few years has been hard to ignore. It seems as though the blogosphere is getting bigger and bigger, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whilst most bloggers (62%) do it in their spare time, a recent survey conducted by Vuelio found that an increasing number of bloggers are turning professional.

Whilst there may have been an increase in the number of bloggers using it as a steady income stream, the survey also showed that the number of leading blogs with a monthly audience of over 10,000 has remained largely the same since last year.  This suggests that the most established influencers aren’t going to budge from the top spots anytime soon.

With so many bloggers in the blogosphere, it poses us to question the value that they can bring to PR. Undoubtedly, the PR world is turning increasingly digital, and there have been numerous reports suggesting that bloggers are more trusted than celebrities, journalists, brands and even politicians.

For some brands or niche products, blogger outreach can be more effective than traditional media relations as many blogs cover specific topics, so will be more successful at targeting particular demographics. By the same token, bloggers often have a highly engaged, loyal community of readers whose purchase decisions will no doubt be influenced by seeing their favourite blogger in a pair of shoes or a coat.

What’s certain, however, is that blogger outreach can be an incredibly valuable tool for improving brand awareness, and whilst the value of mainstream media can’t be denied, the value of blogs for PR is evident. Of the bloggers surveyed, over half believe they’ll be more trusted than traditional journalists in the future. The growing influence that bloggers have on consumers means that it’s now become an incredibly profitable industry and, consequently, a full-time career for many.

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